‘Brady Bunch’ Reboot TV Series In The Works With Vince Vaughn

Here’s a story, of a divorced Bobby Brady – a “Brady Bunch” reboot television series with Vince Vaughn is reportedly in the works at CBS. “The Brady Bunch” classic television series from the 1970s boasts “The Watch” actor, Vince Vaughn as the executive producer, the Chicago Tribune notes.

Little Bobby Brady is now a divorced dad who recently married a woman with children of her own. Unlike the original cult classic “The Brady Bunch” series, the new heads of the household must deal with their ex-spouses in the planned episodes.

Unlike the original “The Brady Bunch” series, the all grown up Bobby Brady marriage will boast a yours, mine and ours dynamic. The child of Bobby Brady and his wife will obviously be the “youngest one” so perhaps the child will be a she and “in curls” to infuse a bit of nostalgia into the new character.

Vince Vaughn will share the executive producing helm with several notably creative peers, including Sherwood Schwartz, the son of “The Brady Bunch” creator, Lloyd Schwartz, according to The Wrap. Vaughn’s Wild West Picture Show partners Peter Billingsley and his sister Victoria Vaughn will also garner producer credits on “The Bardy Bunch” reboot television show.

Mike Mariano will be writing and helping produce the remake of the classic television show. Mariano’s credits include “Raising Hope” and “My Name is Earl.”

It is still unknown if any of the stars from the original “The Brady Bunch” series stars will play a role or make cameo appearances in the rebooted Brady Bunch series. The cast of Vince Vaughn’s Brady Bunch reboot has not yet been announced. The original Brady Bunch series aired from 1969 through 1974. An updated version of “The Brady Bunch” theme song is reportedly in the works as well.

Bobby Brady was originally played by Mike Lookinland. The actor married “Touched by an Angel” script supervisor Kelly Wermuth in 1987. The couple has two sons, Scott and Joe. Scott Lookinland played Bobby Brady in the “Growing Up Brady” television movie.