Donald Trump Warns GOP That Brokered Convention Will Lead To Riots

After the primaries ended at five big states on Tuesday, Donald Trump commented on the possibility that the GOP will attempt to have a brokered convention this summer.

A brokered convention occurs when there are not enough delegates won by a candidate during the presidential primaries to have a majority for the first official vote at a party's nominating convention.

Donald Trump warned the GOP in an interview on Wednesday's broadcast of CNN's New Day that if there is a brokered convention, there will be riots. He goes on to say that he is representing "millions of people."

This statement comes after Ohio Governor John Kasich won his home state, depriving the Republican frontrunner of an extra 66 delegates. He needs to reach 1,237 delegates in order to become the Republican Party nominee. This means that he has to get at least 57 percent of the remaining delegates. Ted Cruz, on the other hand, needs 83 percent of the remaining delegates to be the Republican presidential nominee.

The comments of Donald Trump come a day after Senator Marco Rubio dropped out of the presidential race.

John Kasich, on the other hand, is clinging to the hope of becoming the Republican presidential nominee if he gains the favor at the Republican convention this July.

The business mogul also said that the Party could not deny him the nomination if he fails to win enough delegates. Political observers are saying that he could fall short of the needed number of delegates.

The billionaire businessman also talked about his frustrated supporters who are fuming over the current political and economic system. He goes on to say that they are American citizens who have not voted for quite some time, as they did not believe in the system nor the candidates. To add more fire to the issue, he continues to claim that his supporters fear that there will be horse-trading at the Republican convention for him not to be nominated.

The Kasich campaign said on Wednesday that campaign veterans and supporters of other GOP candidates will help him prepare for the possible convention fight. Tom Ingram, a supporter of Jeb Bush who now supports John Kasich, said that they have received emails from former Bush and Rubio supporters asking how they could help the Ohio governor.

Despite the hopes for a convention, Florida governor Rick Scott said in a statement that with the victories of Donald Trump, he thinks that it is time the Republicans accept and respect the will of the voters and just support the New York businessman. He pointed out that if the focus of the Party is to damage each other in the next four months, the Republicans will lose their ability to win over the Democratic candidate.

There are 22 remaining states and 1,002 delegates. The next primaries will be this Tuesday in Arizona and Utah. In Arizona, it has been reported that they will award all their 58 delegates to the winner. Trump is said to have political advantages in that state because of his anti-immigration platform. As for Utah, Ted Cruz hopes to win as he is supported by Utah Senator Mike Lee.

The next primary will be in Wisconsin on April 5 and then the rest of the northeastern states in the coming weeks.

Donald Trump has never held any elected office positions but has dominated the presidential campaign since it started in early 2016.

As for the Democratic candidates, Hillary Clinton has 1,606 delegates while Bernie Sanders has 851.

[Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]