Mike Tyson Did Cocaine With Steve-O And Broke His Nose, ‘Jackass’ Star Recounts Story

Former heavyweight champion Mike Tyson may have had some interesting adventures outside of the ring, but this one may be the most bizarre yet.

In a GQ interview with former Jackass star Steve “Steve-O” Glover, the comedian said that he once gatecrashed a Hollywood Hills house party. When he rang the doorbell, Tyson showed up and asked him, “You got any coke?”

Steve-O, 41, said that he had almost two pockets full of cocaine. “Yeah, dude, I got a bunch,” he answered.

And so he and Iron Mike went into the bathroom and smoked cocaine for three hours. Glover narrated that he saw the former boxer smoke an entire cigarette-sized roll full of cocaine.

When he was asked what they talked about, he said they talked about life, racism, and other issues.

“You know, Mike, I don’t have a racist bone in my body, but I like to consider myself a n—-r,” he told Tyson, to which Tyson replied, “You ask me, the definition of that word is anybody who uses it.”

“And I was like, “Damn! Iron Mike, deep as f—k!” Steve-O said.

After that, the comedian said that he and Tyson talked about a lot of things. The two also talked and “philosophized” how to make the world a better place to live in.

“It was f—–g incredible, man,” Steve-O said about the experience, who later on said that they reunited inside a psychiatric ward.

Glover also asked Mike Tyson to help him with a stunt in Comedy Central Roast with Charlie Sheen where the boxer would just fix his elbow by using his enclosed fist.

Mike Tyson Breaks Steve-O’s Nose for Entertainment

Steve-O then ran straight into Tyson’s fist, which “crazy broke” his nose. A “kung-fu weirdo” then came out of the audience and volunteered to fix his nose on the spot.

“He basically fixed my nose perfect,” Steve-O said.

The comedian said that while he and the Hall-of-Famer boxer have not been seeing each other lately, whenever they meet, it’s always “great.”

“He’s just the nicest guy. He really is,” the former alcoholic said of his boxer friend.

Aside from his escapades with Mike Tyson, Glover also shared his experiences when he was still addicted to drugs. He related one time when he went to a drug dealer’s home because he was not picking up his phone.

Succumbing to his physical urges, he then sniffed cocaine along with dried droplets of blood from the dealer’s table.

Remembering those things that happened in the past, Glover just wanted to start anew, although it continues to remain a struggle.

Steve Glover became popular in the hit MTV series Jackass, where he and his co-stars performed ridiculous and insane stunts just for the sake of fun. Unfortunately, Steve-O became addicted to illegal drugs, alcohol, PCP, ketamine, and nitrous.

According to the report, he even emailed his friends and family one time, telling them he was ready to die and that he would jump 25 feet onto concrete. Fortunately, his friends, led by Jackass co-star Johnny Knoxville, came to the rescue and brought him to the hospital.

Steve-O Talks about his Previous Suicide Plans

Steve-O was then sent to a rehab facility, where he was treated for his addiction. Since he got out in 2008, the former stunt fanatic has turned to standup comedy, having filmed a special for Showtime called Steve-O: Guilty as Charged, which will air on Friday, March 18.

Glover has been sober for the past six years and has become a vegan as well. He also practices meditation often to help himself keep sober.

[Images by Jason Merritt and Michael Buckner, Getty Images]