WWE News: Big Update On Dean Ambrose Plans Post WrestleMania, More Title Matches?

When it comes to Dean Ambrose, you’ll find that both hardcore and casual WWE fans love him, but hardcore fans seem to be louder about their love. He has fans in every venue, in every city, across the world. Few people can really get the reaction he does, which makes many wonder why he has not yet been given a WWE World Heavyweight Title. He has been literally a fingertip or half-toe away from becoming champion in the past, but he just couldn’t make it.

WWE is starting to give him respect, however. He is going into WrestleMania against one of the company’s biggest stars in Brock Lesnar. He’s not facing the Beast Incarnate in just any normal match however, as he is taking him on in a no holds barred street fight. It is possibly THE main event for hardcore fans and it very well could be the match that makes Dean Ambrose a major star, if he wasn’t considered one already.

Many believe if Ambrose beats Lesnar at WrestleMania, regardless of how he does it, he very well could be thrust into the main event scene immediately on more than a part time basis. That looks to be where WWE is leaning as well. According to Cageside Seats, WWE is planning on putting Ambrose somewhere near the title picture after WrestleMania. This basically means if he is not in the title match, he’ll be in the top match of the night.

Ambrose WM logo

This will pretty much force him into the main event, as his matches at PPVs are typically major. That is a pretty big deal for Ambrose, as he does deserve to be given star treatment. No one since Jeff Hardy has really been able to garner such reactions from fans and not be given at least one World Title to work with for a long time. Hardy finally did win the WWE Championship to a massive ovation and held two World Heavyweight Championships as well in his time.

However, Dean has yet to be given a World Title of any kind. That may have to change, and making Ambrose into a star could very well be a huge thing for WWE in 2016. The reason simply is because WWE may be going forward with the brand split this summer, as has been rumored to happen. If it does occur, WWE will need someone to lead the SmackDown roster similar to how Edge and The Undertaker did when the brands were split in the past.

Ambrose could be made into the top star there and hold a great deal of the main event spots just because he is the only man who makes sense for this. WWE could also put another star or two with him to help with storylines, but Ambrose will clearly be the top guy for the roster if WWE does split things up again. WWE has always used Dean Ambrose to get other guys over. He was first used to help Seth Rollins then used for Bray Wyatt.

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Normally the babyface gets revenge or something in the end but Ambrose has always pushed down in favor of others without getting his rightful punch in the end a lot of the time. Ambrose has never been known to complain but many have done so for him over the last year. This very well could be why WWE put him on one of the top matches at WrestleMania. Few people can call a match with Brock Lesnar boring, but adding in Ambrose to the match insures it will be good.

There is hope that this match makes him into a star WWE cannot overlook any longer, but it is truly all about how the match is booked. While wins and losses often times are not the most important thing, they do matter. A win over Brock Lesnar would surely thrust Dean Ambrose into a spotlight that many casual fans have not yet seen him in or even considered him for. That would then force the WWE to consider Ambrose for bigger things.

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