Kobe Bryant’s Wife “Furious” Over Shirtless Pics

Kobe Bryant appeared shirtless with two young women in a candid moment that reportedly left his wife Vanessa furious–but her reason why may surprise you.

The shirtless picture originated following an Olympics after party in Barcelona, showing Kobe Bryant lounging shirtless with two young and sharply dressed women hanging very closely by. Bryant reportedly has a good explanation for the mess, The Huffington Post reported–someone spilled a drink on his shirt, and while he waited for someone to bring him a new one the picture was taken.

In all Kobe was shirtless only a matter of moments, TMZ reported, but it was long enough for someone to snap a picture that would quickly make its way around the internet. Vanessa Bryant was one of the people who saw the picture, and was reportedly “embarrassed” and “furious” over it, TMZ reported.

But it’s not because she thinks Kobe is cheating on her. Instead Vanessa is reportedly mad that Kobe allowed himself to be put in that position. Sources quoted by TMZ said that Vanessa doesn’t think he was cheating, which would have likely been the end of an already shaky relationship. After talking of divorce, the couple decided to reconcile this year and give their marriage another chance.

Even though she was mad with the pictures, Vanessa Bryant flew to London over the weekend to cheer on her husband and the men’s Olympic basketball team, the Daily Mail reported. Kobe Bryant and the men’s team have flown through the tournament so far, cruising past Tony Parker and his French squad this weekend before dismantling the outmatched Tunisian team on Tuesday.