Amanda Rodrigues Gatti Arrested for Arturo Gatti’s Death

Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, wife of the late Arturo Gatti, has been arrested in connection with her husband’s death in Brazil.

37 year old former boxing champ, Arturo Gatti, and his wife had rented an apartment in Porto de Galinhas, Brazil to celebrate a romantic second honeymoon with his wife, Amanda Rodrigues Gatti, 23, and their child. Gatti was then found dead shortly after 6 am. Investigators at the scene immediately suspected foul play since Gatti was found dead after being strangled with the carrying strap of a woman’s purse. He was found with blood on his neck and the back of his head laying there in his underwear.

Sunday morning, Brazilian police have confirmed that they have arrested Arturo’s wife, Amanda Rodrigues Gatti as a suspect in his murder. Police claim Amanda gave contradicting statements when questioned by police.

More on Amanda Rodrigues Gatti’s arrest as information becomes available in this developing story.