Julie Newmar Gives “Dark Knight” Franchise Negative Criticism

“It’s dark,” she tells Yo. “I think we had so much fun in the 60s, 1966 to 1968. And then Vietnam came and things sort of got darker and darker and darker.”

Newmar also believes that the costumes, that are used in the new adaptations, are a big part of why she doesn’t “agree” with the new movies.

“What’s with all the costumes that they have to wear now, there’s a lot that you can’t see anymore,” she explained to Yo. “You know, when you have everything sort of padded out and very macho and all that kind of thing. It’s as if the costume acts for you.”

She also isn’t happy in the way that Catwoman is being portrayed in the The Dark Knight Rises. Newmar who played a more “passive aggressive” version of Catwoman says :

“I remember sitting back in the fight scenes. Catwoman would just kind of sit there in the fight scenes and she just sort of file her nails like that. She couldn’t be bothered with all that nonsense.”

Newmar does not have a favorite Catwoman, but she does particularly like Michelle Pfieffer, who starred in 1992’s “Batman Returns” as an actress. Also, even though she doesn’t like the way the new Catwoman is portrayed in the new adaptation, she believes that Anne Hathaway is “divine” as an actress.

According to Huffington Post, Newmar admits that she has yet to see the new adaptation, “The Dark Knight Rises”, but she is eager to see the future evolution of the famous “Batman” franchise.