Daniel Cosgrove’s ‘Days Of Our Lives’ Return: New Spoilers Emerge About Aiden Jennings’ Resurfacing

Days of Our Lives spoilers revealed a while back that Daniel Cosgrove would be returning to the show sometime soon to reprise the role of Aiden Jennings. So far, little has been revealed about the actor’s DOOL return, other than that the actor would be playing the same character. Now, a new tidbit is emerging and this will surely get fans buzzing. What’s the latest?

Daniel Cosgrove first started as Aiden Jennings in January, 2014, and he initially clashed with Hope Brady as their children, Chase and Ciara, clashed at school. Over time, as Days of Our Lives fans know, they fell in love and started building a future together. However, Andre and Stefano DiMera forced Aiden to do their bidding after trapping him over some debt he faced. They pressured him to kill Hope for her insurance money, claiming that after that, his debt to them would be repaid at last.


Jennings did try to kill Hope on their wedding night, but she fought back and Bo Brady managed to arrive in time to save the day. Aiden was killed, or so fans thought, and sadly Bo died shortly after that as well. This storyline had Days of Our Lives fans buzzing, but not necessarily in a good way. Many voiced their frustrations that a character they had grown to like was sacrificed in order to bring Bo back, just to then kill him off, too.

Though the show has not disclosed much in the way of specific Days of Our Lives spoilers, they have revealed that Daniel Cosgrove is indeed coming back soon in the role of Aiden Jennings. At the time of Jennings’ supposed death, there really was no indication that this wasn’t for real. Thus, some wondered if Aiden’s return would be as a hallucination or ghost for his son Chase. Others wondered if the man who tried to kill Hope might have been an imposter sent by Andre, with the real Jennings locked away somewhere.


The specifics regarding Jennings’ return are still under wraps, but according to the Facebook page “Jason47’s Days Website,” the character will be back for more than just a few shows. Days of Our Lives spoilers are now indicating that Cosgrove will be around for a while in this return, not just a handful of episodes. What exactly does that mean? Nobody seems to know yet, but it sounds like good news for his DOOL fans.

Chase is obviously in a bad place these days, having raped Ciara and now being hauled off to jail. Given Cosgrove’s return, which is believed to likely begin over the summer, fans would guess that there is more yet to come regarding Chase’s story. If Daniel is sticking around for a regular stint again on Days of Our Lives, viewers can only speculate that this may be for something more than a ghostly appearance.


Did Andre and Stefano manage to bring in an imposter to kill Hope? Or, could Cosgrove’s return turn out to be a Jennings imposter poised to shake up Hope as Andre continues to try to avenge his father’s murder? As Michael Fairman On Air-On Soaps notes, there are several possible directions this could head when the character pops up again on Days of Our Lives.

The show tapes about six months in advance and news of Cosgrove’s return broke in early February. Given that timetable, it will be a while yet before the character pops up again in Salem. Viewers will have to watch over the next few months to see where things head with Hope, Chase, and Andre to see if they pick up any hints about how Aiden Jennings is brought back into the mix of things.

Are you excited to see Daniel Cosgrove return to Days of Our Lives? How do you think the show will bring Aiden Jennings back to Salem?

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