Steve Harvey Credits Ellen For Early Success Of New Show, ‘Little Big Shots’

Steve Harvey has a new show out, Little Big Shots, and his excitement for working with children and finding young talent cannot be denied. The show brings an interesting new spotlight to move out of the context of traditional performing arts talents, taking an intercultural interest in children from all over the world, and allowing a wide array of talents otherwise considered non-traditional to be demonstrated on stage. The concept of opening an audience up to appreciation for non-traditional and unusual talents through children had Steve Harvey excited. He had fantastic things to say about working with children, according to Today.

“I love talking to the kids because they are pure.”

The innocence and excitement the children bring to the show, along with their wide variety of talents, has added a new level of motivation to Steve Harvey’s performance. He has found a new calling spotlighting child performers in his new show, and credits Ellen DeGeneres, his co-producer, for coming up with the idea for the show.

Hosting children is certainly a bit different than hosting his own radio show, which Steve Harvey freely admits. On his radio show, he loves commenting on Donald Trump, and cannot wait to hear what Trump brings to the table each time he speaks, according to Today. Obviously, when hosting children, he realizes he needs to bring more than just his jokes to the table, and his motivation to make the experience fantastic for the children comes through in his work.

Steve Harvey not only revels in being able to share childhood talent from all over the world with his audience, in his excitement he has even stepped into the co-producer role, voicing his opinions and ideas for making the experience the best possible for the kids performing. For instance, while working on the show, he mentioned to his co-workers how important it was for the children to hear audience participation, and vice versa, according to Comedy Hype. As much as possible, Harvey wants the experience to be positive, uplifting, and rewarding for the children on stage, and this is certainly a demonstration of his passion for, and growing involvement in, the development of the show.

What is even more fascinating about Steve Harvey’s show is that the children demonstrat a wide array of talents and come from an intercultural context. Many of the children in the premiere were exceptionally gifted, and talents were demonstrated from music and dancing to hypnotism and storytelling. Throughout the show, Steve Harvey attempts to make the performances as rewarding as possible for each child, and the children’s mutual love for the stage was on full broadcast throughout the show, according to Yahoo.

Before each performance, Harvey takes the time to interview each child, getting them to speak a bit about their performances and talents, according to Yahoo. Obviously the personalities of the children varied; some were a bit shy when speaking, while others had no problem sharing. However, what was obvious was that each child presented a unique skill, and each loved sharing it with the cameras, the audience, and with Steve Harvey.

The interesting variety of talents, moving beyond the typical singing and dancing structure, allows the audience to see a wide variety of childhood talent that still demonstrates an entertaining performance for viewers. The intercultural angle provided a new context to move beyond traditional talents of the performing arts, and the new angle of childhood performance should bring a lot of entertainment for viewers.

[Photo by Jason Kempin/Getty Images]