‘The Walking Dead’ Spoilers: Who Dies In Season 6, Episode 14?

The Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers: Who will die in episode 14?

The Walking Dead Season 6 is in the home stretch, and fans are getting nervous about the upcoming season finale, where they know that Negan will arrive and likely kill one beloved cast member. However, until the finale airs, everyone’s life is in danger, and someone will die in Sunday’s all new episode, but who? [Warning: Spoilers below!]

According to The Spoiling Dead Facebook fan page, a source known to deliver very accurate Walking Dead spoilers, a member of Rick’s group will, in fact, bite the dust this Sunday, and many viewers won’t see the death coming.

According to the latest Walking Dead Season 6 spoilers, there will be two separate groups out looking for supplies this week. The first group will consist of Eugene and Abraham, and the second will be Denise, Rosita, and Daryl. Daryl’s group will be looking for medical supplies, hence Dr. Denise’s presence there, but will find a whole lot of trouble instead.

It seems Daryl’s group will run in to Dwight and a group of Saviors. Walking Dead fans may remember that Daryl and Dwight have had a run-in in the past, where Dwight took Daryl’s motorcycle as well as his crossbow. It seems that Daryl may want to pay him back for that, and the two men will get into a fight, which will end with Daryl eventually getting his beloved crossbow back. Unfortunately, that crossbow will deliver a shocking shot to poor Denise, who will get shot with an arrow right in the head, killing her.

The Walking Dead spoilers: Denise Dies in Season 6, Episode 14.
This is sad for fans of Denise, who is currently in a romantic relationship with Tara. (Why do Tara’s girlfriends always get shot in the head?) However, Walking Dead rumors reveal that Tara may not be long for the show, either. In addition to the death of Denise, the Alexandria gang will be lose their doctor, which is a huge blow since Maggie is pregnant and Carl’s eye is still healing.

Other big moments from Sunday’s all new episode of The Walking Dead reportedly include Rick and Morgan having a talk about the fact that Morgan is building a jail cell, which he’ll tell Rick is so that they’ll have options next time.

Carol and Tobin will share another kiss, and it seems Carol will continue to have her crisis of faith, we’ll see more Saviors, but the characters of Carl and Jesus will not appear in the new episode.

As The Walking Dead Season 6 finale draws closer with only three episodes left in the season, fans are on edge wondering who will die next, and who Negan will kill. Many already know that in the comic book series, it is Glenn that Negan brutally beats to death with his bat, but since the show likes to switch up character deaths from the comics, it really could be anyone.

Walking Dead spoilers: Will Negan kill Glenn in the Season 6 finale?
Unfortunately, all signs are pointing to Glenn being the one who dies in the finale, as The Walking Dead has been foreshadowing Glenn’s death for years. He’s been seen nearly getting hit with a baseball bat, finding a bat and carrying it around in an abandoned town, as well as being the one to see the photos of other victims of Negan’s wrath while killing the Saviors in a past episode. Is the show preparing us for Glenn’s death, or misdirecting us so that we’ll be even more shocked with they kill off a different character, such as Daryl, Michonne, Morgan, or Abraham?

You won’t want to miss a moment of The Walking Dead‘s final episodes this season. Tune in Sunday at 9 p.m. on AMC to see what happens next.

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