‘The 100’ Not Airing March 17? What Can You Do Instead?

What Can You Do While 'The 100' Is Off The Air?

There will be no new episode of The 100 on March 17. In fact, there are no new episodes until March 31. The show has taken a short break, returning the same week as The Vampire Diaries and The Originals. So, what can fans do instead?

For those who are still angry at the death of Lexa three weeks ago, there is still the possibility of joining in various campaigns. While it will not be possible to bring the character back, there are ways to let executive producer Jason Rothenberg know that you are not happy. A fundraiser has started with all money going to The Trevor Project, previously reported by the Inquisitr.

There is a petition to sign to bring the character back, but this is unlikely to see anything positive to come from it. Rothenberg has already said that the decision to kill the character off was hard, but had to happen since it would have been difficult to keep Lexa on the show when Alycia Debnam-Carey was due to film Fear the Walking Dead.

Another option is to watch old episode of The 100. There are eight to rewatch from Season 3 to give you a reminder of everything that has happened so far. However, there are still connections to previous seasons happening. For example, Bellamy has a hatred towards the Gounders, and some of that stems from experiences during Season 1. Octavia has grown to become a Grounder herself, and that stems from Seasons 1 and 2. Meanwhile, Lincoln is returning to his Grounder traits, which fans can remind themselves of from the very first season.

Watching over old episodes could also remind fans of how relationships have grown and developed. At one point, Abby and Kane were against each other’s views, but the two characters have grown — Kane more than Abby. Getting to see that character growth in episodes back to back will be a good reminder to see why he is so focused on saving the Grounders from Pike and his men, and why he would put his own life at risk.

It would also be a good chance to see how The 100 writers have handled LGBT characters. There have been two main gay couples on the show so far, Clexa and now Miller and Bryan. While Clexa is gone, Miller and Bryan are still together, but will have some issues growing between them as they fight on opposite sides of the growing civil war inside Arkadia. It is also a chance to see how the couples are just normal parts of the show, accepted for who they are. The writers have not made a big deal about them, and instead seamlessly fit them in.

A third option would be to look into spoilers or theories for upcoming The 100 episodes. At the moment, the focus is on Kane and his upcoming execution. Abby is clearly going to try and save him, while Kane does not believe it will even go through. Sinclair and Lincoln also look like they are facing an execution based on the recent trailer.

Another thing to consider is how Bellamy and Octavia’s relationship is developing on The 100. The International Business Times reports that Bellamy is now at a point where he believes he may have been wrong in trusting Pike. Octavia has always believed that viewpoint was wrong, and disliked the fact that her brother chose against her and Clarke. During the trailer for Episode 9, “Stealing Fire,” it looks like the two get a chance to air out their differences.

There are lots of things to do that are The 100 related over the next two weeks. Start rewatching episodes and get ready for “Stealing Fire” on March 31.

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