Louis Tomlinson Attending Grandfather's Funeral Isn't 'Proof' He's Avoiding Harry Styles

Louis Tomlinson is no stranger to false and misleading headlines. It sometimes seems that the media world is after One Direction star Louis' blood, and the past few days have seen some pretty grim headlines about Tomlinson. Just yesterday, it was reported in The Inquisitr that Movie Guide News reported that Tomlinson was neglecting his son because he had been spotted partying in a variety of L.A. nightclubs. The fact that Louis reportedly does not have access to his son overnight seems not to matter when a good headline is at stake. Perhaps some people believe that life ends when you become a parent.

Tomlinson is a 24-year-old man who put much of his life on hold for over five years to achieve success in his music career. With One Direction currently on hiatus, Louis is more than entitled to enjoy the fruits of that success. Enjoying a few nights on the tiles does not mean that Tomlinson is neglecting his son in any way, shape, or form.

Sadly for Tomlinson, the cheap headlines do not end there, not even the death of Louis' beloved grandfather, Keith Tomlinson, spares him from the cheap shots. Gossip Cop recently reported that Keith had passed away and that Tomlinson's fans had trended the hashtag #RIPKeith as they shared tributes for Louis' grandfather.

Over the past couple of months, Louis has spent most of his time in L.A., presumably so that he can spend as much time as possible with his newborn son. Yesterday, Tomlinson flew into London's Heathrow airport as he arrived back in the U.K. to attend his grandfather's funeral. You would expect that, at a time like this, the media would respect Louis' privacy and give him a little room to grieve. Sadly not.
Unreality TV led the way, reporting that Tomlinson attending his grandfather's funeral was "proof that One Direction's Louis Tomlinson is avoiding Harry Styles."
"Fans got excited when Harry jetted off to LA this week, since Liam and Louis were also in tinseltown. We were hoping for a reunion but it wasn't to be.

"Within hours of Harry arriving in Los Angeles, Louis left and earlier today he was pictured in London. [Tomlinson] arrived in Heathrow airport this morning and though he did not stop for fans, of course the Drag Me Down hitmaker did not go unnoticed and pictures of him soon flooded the internet.

"It does seem a little strange to us that Harry and Louis seem to be like ships passing in the night."

There you have it: by attending his grandfather's funeral, Tomlinson has proven that he is avoiding Harry Styles. Ironically, the same writer in the same online magazine reported later on the same day that Louis was at Keith Tomlinson's funeral along with his family. It seems that there is no need to let the Tomlinson family's grief get in the way of a headline. It may be a little strange that Styles and the rest of One Direction were not at Keith Tomlinson's funeral to support Louis and his family, but Louis attending his grandfather's funeral is anything but proof that Tomlinson is avoiding Styles.
Speaking of ridiculous headlines about Louis Tomlinson, Hollywood Life reports that a source has told In Touch magazine that Louis is about to pop the question to Danielle Campbell.
"At first it was Danielle putting the pressure on him. But now Louis is telling his friends he's enamored with Danielle and wants to marry her. They plan to wed in a small ceremony at Louis' home."
Yeah sure! If you listen carefully you can hear the sounds of exasperation from Tomlinson fans across the world as they ask "where have we heard this one before?"

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