Jimmy Fallon Eats Gwyneth Paltrow’s Face Cream With McDonald’s French Fries

Jimmy Fallon may have taken a one-week break, but it doesn’t mean his fans shouldn’t re-watch his most recent hilarious segments over and over again!

On Friday March 4, Gwyneth Paltrow made a guest appearance on The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon, during which she insisted that her new organic skincare line is so “natural” you can literally eat it, according to People. And guess what? Yes, the 43-year-old actress and Fallon each took a bite of it.

After Paltrow said that all the preservatives contained in her goop by Juice Beauty line are organic food-grade preservatives, Jimmy Fallon was hooked. At that moment, nothing seemed to interest the host more than putting that organic cream in his mouth.

And after Paltrow’s words – “so you could eat it technically if you wanted to” – nothing could stop Jimmy Fallon from actually doing it. The 41-year-old Tonight Show host took McDonald’s French fries from under his desk and dipped one into the cream.

Paltrow, who is all about living a healthy lifestyle and avoiding junk food, followed suit. After a bite, Jimmy Fallon proclaims, “not bad, not bad,” adding that it’s probably better “on your face” than in your mouth.

And for those who are not as excited to eat creams, there is no need to, as Paltrow herself summed up the taste of cream as “somewhere between ranch and bath soap.” Speaking to Jimmy Fallon, the Iron Man actress revealed she had worked on the goop by Juice Beauty line for “13 months non-stop, back and forth with the chemists.” And she couldn’t make it more delicious?!

You can watch Jimmy Fallon and Gwyneth Paltrow dipping their French fries into that white, organic creamy substance right here.

Paltrow also opened up about her decision to become a member of the beauty business, complaining that she just couldn’t find beauty products that were “luxurious,” “really effective,” and organic at the same time to help smooth out wrinkles.

“So I’m very into healthy food and wellness and I think this is an extension of trying to eat well.”

But Jimmy Fallon and Paltrow didn’t stop at just eating face creams during Friday’s Tonight Show episode. The two also decided to read out loud awkward and embarrassing text messages as part of Fallon’s First Textual Experience segment, according to Entertainment Weekly.

However, the segment took a vocal turn, with Paltrow and Jimmy Fallon singing those awkward text messages. The text messages are believed to be between potential romantic interests, which makes it especially awkward when a guy tries to hit on a girl writing she has beautiful brown eyes, while in reality she has blue eyes.

In another text messaging exchange, a guy writes Hello and reveals his name, and the girl replies with a “SERVICE 404 ERROR” message. But these are not the most awkward text messages shown during Jimmy Fallon’s show Friday episode.

The most awkward one is when a guy was asking a girl out and instead of typing “Monday” he sent “Manboobs.” Oops! Of course she rejected him!

You can watch Jimmy Fallon and Paltrow singing awkward text messages about “Manboobs” right here.

A day earlier, on Thursday, Jimmy Fallon had another beautiful actress on his show – Priyanka Chopra, who stars in ABC’s Quantico, as reported by USA Today. And who could have guessed that this petite actress could beat Fallon in a chicken wing-eating contest?

Chopra destroyed Jimmy Fallon by eating a plate of Atomic Wings, and the host admitted his defeat, saying that he couldn’t even eat one.

Watch the full video here.

[Photo by Theo Wargo / Getty Images]