Lindsay Lohan’s Sex Scene Request Filming “The Canyons”: Show Me Yours And I’ll Show You Mine

Lindsay Lohan’s sex scene in “The Canyons” required a special request of the crew before the star would appear topless for the cameras — they had to strip too.

According to reports by TMZ, Lohan was a little more hesitant than one might expect when it came time to film a steamy sex scene for her new movie “The Canyons” that required the actress to go topless in front of the 10 man film crew and porn star James Deen.

Considering the actress has already posed completely nude for an issue of Playboy Magazine, you wouldn’t think going topless would be that big of a leap. In order to make Lindsay Lohan feel more comfortable and go topless for the camera, it was requested by the actress that the crew strip down to their undergarments, reports Yahoo. Though not too thrilled with the idea, the crew obliged and the steamy sex scene was able to continue without a hitch.

“They were down to their underwear,” a source told “It’s a common thing for a crew to do to make actors feel less self-conscious.”

Publicist for the actress, Steve Honig stated:

“The cast and crew have been working with Lindsay to make the film as compelling as possible.”

Lindsay Lohan Playboy

In a Facebook post, director Paul Schrader praised Lohan after her first week on the job and compared her to past screen legends:

“Lindsay certainly fires up intense feelings. We pay performers to dance on the edge of the cliff and the closer they dance the more we pay them. Lindsay is one of those performers who dances on the edge and, as such, her performance in The Canyons is reminiscent of other actresses on the edge–Gena Rowlands is the one who most often comes to mind. And, at cliff’s edge, she’s magnetic. The truth of the tale will be in the work itself. Just wait.”

Do you think the request of Lindsay Lohan’s sex scene request while filming the “The Canyons” was a bit silly, considering the actress has already willingly posed nude for Playboy?