Jared Fogle: Facts About The Inmate Who Reportedly Beat Up Former Subway Man

Jared Fogle assault

The brother of an inmate who recently got into a physical altercation with former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle opened up about the incident this week. Apparently, the inmate who attacked Fogle, not surprisingly, despises people who sexually assault children. The man is now being touted as a hero by numerous people online after he gave Fogle a severe beating.

People reports that Jimmy Nigg, 59, visits his brother Steven Nigg, 60, at prison on a regular basis. Nigg is currently housed at the Englewood Prison in Colorado, the same prison where Fogle, 38, is serving 16 years for child pornography possession and traveling to engage in sex with a minor. On January 29, Nigg allegedly attacked Fogle while they were both outside in the recreation yard. The physical assault led to a bloody nose, scratched neck, and swollen face for Fogle.

According to Jimmy Nigg, his brother cannot tolerate anyone who’s connected with any type of child molestation. Jimmy Nigg readily admitted that his brother did indeed provoke the attack and that “He had to hit him. That’s how the whole thing started. He just can’t be around child molesters. He doesn’t like them….He can’t figure out why you would do that to kids. He says, ‘I can’t be around those people.'”

For the attack on Fogle, Nigg was placed into solitary confinement, also known as “the hole,” for 10 days, following the attack. He was seen on surveillance camera attacking Fogle, and several witnesses identified him.

Nigg stated to family members that he spotted Fogle in the recreation yard, with a paid bodyguard standing beside him. Yet Fogle’s bodyguard, according to Nigg, reportedly allowed him to attack Fogle. The bodyguard allegedly stepped aside as Nigg unleashed a series of blows on Fogle’s face and neck.

Nigg also said that he was tired of how the prison system’s program treat child molesters. According to his nephew Jimmy Nigg, Jr.,

“In his words they were sending child molesters there for a program that did not work and let the molesters off without serving hard time. He wanted the public to know that these molesters were being sent to their backyard, just feet from schools and homes.”

Fogle didn’t make things easier on himself when he arrived at the prison and allegedly started bragging about how much money he has. He also reportedly flaunted it to buy bodyguards and extra food for himself. In fact, Fogle has purchased so much extra food that he’s already gained a substantial amount of weight in the short time that he’s been in prison.

Court records indicate that Steven Nigg was arrested in 2011 for being a felon in the possession of a firearm. Nigg already has three previous felony convictions, and was given a mandatory 15-year sentence. His previous convictions included robbing a motel clerk, a gas station, and a convenience store during the 1970s.

Nigg was released from prison in 1990, and maintained a clean record until his most recent conviction. Court records state that he became executor of his father’s estate in 2009, an estate that had 120 firearms. Nigg’s stepmother, suspicious that he was selling his late father’s firearms, hired a private investigator to buy some of the guns. The private investigator bought a few guns from Nigg, and his stepmother promptly contacted the ATF. Nigg was indicted in 2010 and pleaded guilty the next year.

Family members feel that the stepmother set Nigg up in order to gain control of his father’s estate. His nephew Jimmy Nigg, Jr. said that,

“My uncle spent 15 years in prison doing hard time for his robbery when he was a young man. He spent 20 years living in Wisconsin before he was arrested and convicted of selling the hunting rifles he inherited from my late grandfather’s estate. Steve Nigg (was) the executor of the estate and his role was to sell the land and property of the estate and divide it among the family.”

Nigg, who onced served as the prison’s Santa Claus and Easter Bunny, is currently appealing his 15-year sentence. Attorneys for Jared Fogle refused to comment on the physical assault.

[Photo via Jason Merritt/Getty Images]