‘Person of Interest’ News: CBS Cancels Show, But Has Good News

Person of Interest is one of those heavy hitting shows on CBS that really packed a lot of punch into its storylines. But now, CBS network has officially pulled the plug on the show, but there is still some good news that may come out of it.

Fans of Person of Interest have been anxiously awaiting news on the series and its fate. Although the show did not become a giant ratings magnet, those who did watch the show followed it with dedication every week and every year for the past four years.

In Season 4 of Person of Interest, the show ended on a cliffhanger. The machine was essentially destroyed, but not before its creator and hero had a chance to save the contents of the program and leave fans with the knowledge that it can be rebuilt.

Person of Interest creators and executive producers Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman have been steadfast with the direction of the series, keeping fans glued to the TV set episode after episode every week. Now, those episodes can also be played back on Netflix.

The storylines that Nolan and Plageman have come up with every season and the details that magnify its characters have been nothing short of amazing. But Person of Interest never really caught fire in the ratings game like other CBS powerhouse drama shows.

But there is still good news on the horizon. Person of Interest still has one season left to air and fans will get to see it in its entirety on CBS. Nolan and Plageman both released a joint statement about what’s to come for the show, according to Deadline.

“We’re extremely excited to be able share this final season with the fans,” the statement read. “We’re eternally grateful to our amazing cast and crew, as well as our partners at the studio and network. Most of all, we want to thank the show’s fans — the best fans in the world. This subversive little paranoia-inducing cyberpunk-thriller is for you and would not have been possible without your support. As life has come to imitate Person of Interest, it’s been our great privilege to work on the show for the past five seasons. We can’t wait for you to experience this thrilling and final chapter.”

Although this is something that breaks the hearts of millions of Person of Interest fans, it was not something that was quite surprising due to how the show’s fifth season was treated on the schedule this year, which is close to wrapping up.

Season 5 of Person of Interest made the cut for a half order, which means they were only given 13 episodes and made to wait until the end of the TV season to debut. Even J.J. Abrams, who executive produces the show, gave it little to no hope of being renewed past Season 5.

“The only heartbreak there is how much good story there was to come if it were to have continued,” Abrams said. “Jonah Nolan and Greg Plageman have done such an amazing job on the show.”

Abrams also said that Nolan and Plageman were taking Season 5 in a direction that indicated the show was going to wrap up and close its doors, due to the uncertainty of the network’s decision on it.

Person of Interest stars Jim Caviezel, Michael Emerson (Lost) and Amy Acker. Season 5 is supposed to premiere on CBS on May 3 with weekly episodes until the series finale. There has been no word yet if there is any other network or streaming platform that has been willing to pick up the show after season 5.

[Image via CBS]