Chumlee’s Arrest Update: How Much Trouble Is The ‘Pawn Stars’ Favorite Really In?

Chumlee’s arrest update is not a promising one. Trouble seems to be mounting for the Pawn Stars favorite. So much so, there’s speculation as to whether or not he’ll still be as loved when all is said and done. The burning question of the day remains… how much trouble is Austin Russell really in?

In a Hollywood Life exclusive, Nevada criminal defense attorney, Joel Mann, had this to say about Chumlee’s arrest and the consequences of his actions.

“Chumlee has been charged with 19 charges of drug possession and each charge could earn him 1-4 years if served consecutively.”

You probably don’t need a calculator to tell you that if all the charges stick, Chumlee could be spending close to 80 years behind bars. But, don’t panic quite yet. Mann goes on to say that receiving a sentence that severe is “unlikely to happen.”

As far as social media goes, Chumlee has been quiet since his arrest. The last time he posted anything on his Twitter account was March 7, two days prior to the raid on his home. The last post was to let fans know of his intent to auction off some of his shoe collection (on eBay) in the coming months. It makes you wonder if any of the profit will go toward legal fees, doesn’t it?

When asked about Chumlee’s arrest the numerous drug charges Russell faces, Attorney Mann explained the 33-year-old’s case is somewhat out of the ordinary.

“Typically you have maybe three or four counts of drug possession. Usually it is different types of drugs that you get the different types of possession. I am not sure how he got charged with 19 counts of drug possession. That does seem unusual to me.”

According to 12News police who raided the home the day of Chumlee’s arrest made reference to the fact it looked like the Pawn Stars favorite might be a drug dealer and didn’t seem to have a problem with other people using drugs in his home. The police report explains it in more detail.

“It should also be noted that the amount of narcotics, narcotics paraphernalia and narcotics-related items found throughout the residence suggests (Russell) openly allows and participates in the unlawful use and possession of narcotics. Many of these items are commonly found with persons who package and sell controlled substances, i.e., plastic baggies and digital scales.”

Chumlee’s arrest comes as a shock to many people, who love watching his laid-back, not to mention goofy, antics on Pawn Stars.

The NY Daily News reminds readers that even though authorities raided Austin Russell’s house, in response to a sexual assault claim, no charges have been filed in regard to that particular issue. At the time, all the police were originally there for was to obtain surveillance video and retrieve bed linens and DNA swabs.

Austin Russel is due back in court on March 23. What are your feelings about his case? It seems as though the majority of fans were totally taken aback by Chumlee’s arrest. If he does go to prison, do you think the show that made him famous, Pawn Stars, will ever survive?

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