Lauren Patterson: 24-Year-Old British School Teacher Raped And Stabbed To Death Before Her Remains Were Torched In Desert – Accused Killer Could Walk Free

Mother of slain school teacher wants justice

In 2013, a 24-year-old British school teacher, Lauren Patterson, from West Malling, Kent, was raped and stabbed before being set on fire, and “left smoldering in a remote desert in Doha, Qatar,” reported the Mirror. A man, Badr Hashim Khamis Abdallah al-Jabr, was recently found guilty of the school teacher’s brutal murder and was sentenced to death. His accomplice, Mohamed Abdallah Hassan Abdul Aziz, was sentenced to three years in prison.

Although Abdallah al-Jabr was sentenced to death for killing Patterson, his “sentence was overturned and the verdict was thrown out” in February of this year, and he could walk away a free man. When his accomplice learned that Abdallah al-Jabr could return to society and face no criminal charges in the death of the British school teacher, he requested an appeal but it was denied — he must serve three years in prison.

In 2014, Patterson’s friend Lea Monet testified during the trial and stated that on the night of October 12, 2013, she and Patterson left a nightclub at La Cigale Hotel in Doha around 3:30 a.m. with Abdallah al-Jabr and his accomplice, with whom she said they were “casually acquainted.”

Monet went on to say that Patterson wasn’t drinking as she had just returned from attending her grandmother’s funeral. According to the Daily Mail, the “defendant took Miss Patterson to a place he used for sexual trysts with women, ‘conquered her body’, and killed her by stabbing her twice.”

The victim’s mother, Alison Patterson, recalls receiving the devastating phone call when police officials discovered her burnt body in the dessert. She said it was every “mother’s worse nightmare.” Investigators told her that they weren’t sure if it was the school teacher’s body, and they needed DNA samples to confirm it was her missing daughter because her body was “burned beyond recognition.”

Alison said, “I travelled to Qatar the next morning and for the next four weeks I stayed in Doha trying desperately to get my daughter’s body flown home as my DNA was needed to give a match to enable Lauren to return home. Not only was my daughter murdered in a foreign country, but I was unable to identify her because what was left weighed only 7.5kg.”

“All that was left was part of her head and neck, her upper jaw and teeth with her brace still intact, part of the chest with the knife still embedded – she was stabbed before being moved to the desert to be burnt,” she added.

“Her feet were the only part of her body left intact as they had been over the edge of the fire pit and her red nail polish that she loved was still visible.”

However, when Alison learned that her daughter’s killer may walk free, she said, “It was a shock to find out his sentence was overturned. I didn’t go to the hearing, I was told it would be quick and it would probably be upheld. We never found out why it was overturned, I am still waiting to hear. It is extremely frustrating. I’m relying on other people all of the time.”

Alison stated that she has often met face to face with her daughter’s killer, and “cannot even put into words how she feels.” She went on to say that she has “walked out and met him coming back from the bathroom. We have to face them. It’s horrible.” She is now working diligently to get justice for her daughter and put her killer behind prison bars.

“Sometimes I wish that he wasn’t here,” she continued. “But he has a family, he has a mum. His mother didn’t do it.”

After the British school teacher was raped and stabbed to death before being set on fire, her mother started a Go Fund Me page to help with flight expenses. In a Facebook post, she stated that “Since October 2013 I have returned to Qatar over 11 times to attend court hearings, the 2 men who claimed to take Lauren home that night were charged with her murder…”

“I need your help. I am 1 woman, a small voice against a judicial system I don’t understand. With many voices maybe justice will prevail. I am also asking for people to donate, I have no money left to continually travel to Qatar to help fight the new court case.”

Alison contrives to return to Qatar for a retrial on March 27, and she is hoping to raise $30,000 for support. Thus far, she has amassed $18,538 in just 18 days.

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