Tom Hiddleston To Join Benedict Cumberbatch As Third Brother In Season 4 Of ‘Sherlock’?

The hit series Sherlock is already fantastic and has fans around the world with Benedict Cumberbatch in the lead role. Now, Sherlock Holmes may end up becoming even better and more popular if the rumors of Tom Hiddleston joining the cast for season 4 are true.

Early in 2017, Sherlock will begin its fourth season, and no one quite knows what will be coming in future episodes. K Pop Starz is reporting that Hiddleston, the villainous Loki in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, will be joining the series as the third brother in the Holmes family.

It’s not like Sherlock needs a lot of help being popular, with Cumberbatch, the soon-to-be Doctor Strange, in the lead role. Still, adding Hiddleston would only help the show even more and draw in more fans that may not have caught on as of yet.

tom hiddleston benedict cumberbatch sherlock season 4 third holmes brother [Image via BBC]Cumberbatch has recently revealed that Sherlock will be back for season 4 and a few more seasons after that as well. Now, Parent Herald is saying that the wishes of show fans and co-creators Mark Gatiss and Steven Moffatt may soon become a reality.

Gatiss has always hoped that Tom Hiddleston would sign on to appear in season 4, but it’s been doubtful with the amount of movie commitments the star has. That’s not even counting the interest that Hiddleston has recently revealed in becoming the next to step in as James Bond.

That interest, if taken seriously by those in charge of the Bond franchise, could end up hurting any chance of him appearing on Sherlock. Even with a very busy schedule, Tom Hiddleston is not one to ever shy away from more work.

In season 3 of Sherlock, there was a third brother referenced by Sherlock Holmes’ brother Mycroft. Other hints were dropped at there being one more in the blood line, and now the rumors are flying of who will play him, but will it be Tom Hiddleston?

Fans certainly are already hoping so.

The mere thought of Hiddleston joining the cast of Sherlock has everyone thrilled and hoping that it ends up coming true. For now though, it’s not a definite and not something that anyone associated with the show has really spoken about.

It would be quite interesting to see Tom Hiddleston join the hit series as he would be stepping into the world that Benedict Cumberbatch knows so well. That is very much the same way as Cumberbatch stepping into the Marvel world that Hiddleston knows so well.

tom hiddleston benedict cumberbatch sherlock season 4 third holmes brother loki [Image via Marvel]Australia Network News reports that it isn’t just fun casting to have Tom Hiddleston join Sherlock, but it actually makes a lot of sense.

He does look the part and could lead to a very interesting backstory that could span an entire half a season, at least. Even though Cumberbatch and Hiddleston appeared in War Horse together in 2011, seeing these two work together on screen is what the world needs.

Season 4 of Sherlock is going to return to PBS and BBC in January of 2017 and all of those that you’re familiar with will be there. Cumberbatch will once again be joined by Martin Freeman, Mark Gatiss, Amanda Abbington, Unna Stubbs, and more.

Sherlock season 4 is coming no matter what, and that is already known throughout the world and fans are thrilled with that news. Tom Hiddleston joining Benedict Cumberbatch and becoming the third brother isn’t something that is confirmed as of yet, but the rumors are flying and the interest is there, so it’s quite possible.

[Image by Mike Windle/Getty Images]