‘Mommy’s Little Girl’: Lifetime TV Movie — Child Killer Is One ‘Bad Seed,’ Starring Fiona Gubelmann


Mommy’s Little Girl is a chilling new Lifetime movie that is slated to debut this Saturday. Directed by Curtis Crawford and written by Christine Conradt and Mark Sanderson, the movie tells the story of a dangerous little girl who is reunited with her natural mother after living with her controlling grandparents in a rural farmhouse in seclusion. Mommy’s Little Girl was previously titled Mommy’s Little Murderer and stars Fiona Gubelmann as Theresa Malcolms, Emma Hentschel as Sadie Connell, James Gallanders as Aaron Myers, Mikael Conde as Josh Myers, Deborah Grover as Elana Connell, Alix Sideris as Miss Goldin, Sam Ashe Arnold as Dylan, Mia Kechichian as Alliree, Eva Link as Lisa, Nicole St. Martin as Mrs. Fisher, and Sarah Murphy-Dyson as Mandy, according to the Internet Movie Database (IMDB).

Lifetime Movie Network’s Mommy’s Little Girl Movie Synopsis

Mommy’s Little Girl introduces us to Sadie Connell, a cute but lonely 11-year-old girl who’s been living in isolation with her strict grandparents in a remote home in the country. But, don’t let this sweet-faced girl fool you. She talks to herself, snaps the heads off of her dolls, and draws disturbing pictures that make her schoolmates want to stay far away from her. One person still loves her — her biological mother, Theresa, who has recently come back into her life. Now, there will be hell to pay for anyone who gets in Sadie’s way. The grim reality is the disturbed little girl will do anything to keep mommy all to herself — even if it means using manipulation and deadly weapons to keep others at bay.

Mommy’s Little Girl is similar to the movie, Bad Seed, a killer classic that tells the story of a little bad girl who looked innocent but was a child killer. That movie was said to be inspired by a true story. And speaking of true stories, we have a few we’d like to share.

Some Of The Youngest Girl Killer Kids in History

Mary Bell was a frightening 10-year-old girl from England who killed two tiny tots, Martin Brown, 4, and Brian Howe, 3, by suffocation in the 1960s, according to the Independent. As a child, Mary Bell had been forced to have sex with her mother’s lovers. Family members have also stated that the mother, who was a prostitute named Betty, tried to kill Mary Bell on two different occasions. She served only 12 years in prison and was released under another name. When she was released, she had a daughter of her own and is now a grandmother. All of their identities are under protection.

In 2005, a 9-year-old girl, identified in the media as Shanice K., killed her 11-year-old friend, Queen Washington, in a Brooklyn, New York, apartment. The two girls, who were considered like sisters, were playing rough when they began arguing over a ball. During the argument, Shanice retrieved a steak knife from the kitchen and plunged it into Queen Washington’s chest. Shanice was described by neighbors as a troubled little girl who had a violent edge to her. Shanice K. sobbed uncontrollably in family court, where she told the judge she was sorry, according to the New York Times. Because it was a matter for family court, Shanice would most likely have been incarcerated for just a short period of time and may have been released before, but not later, than her 18th birthday.

One more child killer, who is often left out of killer kids’ lists, is Sharon Carr, a 12-year-old girl who stabbed her hairdresser 30 times because she liked killing. In her writings, Sharon Carr admits that she wished that she could kill her victim again, just to see her suffer all over again. A true sadistic bad girl, Carr was the youngest female killer in the U.K. She was sentenced to life in prison.

So you see, the movie Mommy’s Little Girl isn’t all that far-fetched when you read up on these true crime cases. Be sure not to miss it this Saturday at 8/7 p.m. central on Lifetime Television. Mommy’s Little Girl is produced by NB Thrilling Films 2 and Reel One Films 5 with Tom Berry, Neil Bregman, and Pierre David acting as executive producers. Filming for Mommy’s Little Girl took place in Canada. The Inquisitr recently covered another LMN movie starring Fiona Gubelmann, entitled 911 Nightmare, aka Dispatch.

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