‘Pawn Stars’ Was Not Filming During Chumlee’s Arrest

Pawn stars not filming during Chumlees arrest

It’s now been made public that Chumlee from Pawn Stars has been arrested for guns and drugs charges, and is currently under investigation for sexual assault charges. Chumlee is out on bail, but luckily for the sake of the show, Pawn Stars is not currently filming, though Pawn Stars boss Rick Harrison is supporting Chumlee.

According to the Inquisitr, the Las Vegas police have shared an accounting of the items seized from Chumlee’s house, and it sounds more like the haul from the home of a drug dealer than the home of a someone who has drugs on hand for personal use. Chumlee was candid with police that he “smokes a lot of pot” and also that he has a lot of marijuana on hand because he “buys in bulk.” But it sounds like the police aren’t buying it, and when you add in the meth and Xanax bars plus the scales and baggies, it looks more like a drug dealing operation.

Luckily for all involved in the production of Pawn Stars, Fox News has confirmed that the History Channel show is not filming at this time. Chumlee has backed out of DJ gigs lately and for now is staying out of the public eye. As fans can imagine, if Pawn Stars was filming, there would be a lot of interest in fans, media, and others to drop by the set of Pawn Stars just to sneak a peek at Chumlee and business owner Rick Harrison and family.

Chumlee’s arrest and all of the things going on will not be covered on Pawn Stars, because the show is not in production at the time of the arrest. However, if Chumlee is charged and then convicted, there will need to be some explanation as to where he went.

The History Channel was contacted by Fox News, but at this time they had no contact. They had nothing to say about Chumlee’s arrest and the future of Pawn Stars and Chumlee’s future on the show. Pawn Stars started airing on The History Channel in 2009, and followed a pawn shop, Gold & Silver Pawn, owned by Rick Harrison, his father, and son Corey. Chumlee is portrayed as the best friend of Corey Harrison, and is portrayed as a lovable goofball who is a bit dopey, and “often the butt of the jokes.”

Initially, Rick Harrison of Pawn Stars came out and said that they had Chumlee’s back in his arrest predicament, but now that there has been an accounting of the haul from Chumlee’s home, and now that Chumlee is the focus of the sexual assault investigation, the Harrison family is no longer willing to comment.

On the day of Chumlee’s arrest, Pawn Stars star and pawn shop owner Rick Harrison said that the cast of Pawn Stars was there to support Chumlee through this rough time, according to Us Weekly. At that time, Harrison admitted that he didn’t have all of the details, but was willing to support Chumlee.

“We don’t have details yet,” Harrison, 50, told Fox News in an emailed statement. “But we are here to help Chumlee any way we can.”

At that time, Chumlee had not been connected to the sexual assault.

But now that more information is out that could shine a negative light on Pawn Stars and the Harrison family business, the Harrison family no longer wants to comment.

Do you think the Harrison family and Pawn Stars should distance themselves from Chumlee?

[Photo by Ethan Miller/Getty Images]