Teen Girl Falls into Sewer while Texting

Duncan Riley

A 15 year old girl from Staten Island NY got a surprise while walking and texting on her phone recently - she stepped into an open manhole and fell into the sewer below.

Alexa Longueira was walking along Victory Boulevard, texting on her phone and not looking where she was going. City workers were flushing out the sewer system in the area and stepped away for a few seconds to get cones to mark the danger when the girl fell in.

Longueira suffered scrapes on her arms and back as a result of the 5 foot drop, along with a scare and a bruised ego. She was also covered in smelly sewage when the workers retrieved her, and she lost one of her running shoes.

Her mother plans on suing the city because the workers should have been more dilligent in enforcing safety protocols and barricaded the manhole, or at least marked it before opening it.

No word on if the girl texted while she was in the sewer or not.