Casey Affleck And Wife Summer Phoenix Split After 10 Years Of Marriage

Looks like another Affleck is single and ready to mingle. Character actor Casey Affleck and his wife Summer Phoenix have split after ten years of marriage.

Casey Affleck’s rep broke the news to Us Weekly, “Casey and Summer have amicably separated. They remain very close friends.”

The two were introduced by Casey’s best friend, actor Joaquin Phoenix, after the two filmed the 1995 film To Die For. Casey and Summer began dating in 2000. Summer is Joaquin’s younger sister. The younger Affleck brother and Summer share two children together, Indiana, 11, and Atticus, 8. Their son, Indiana August, was born in May of 2004 in Amsterdam, while their son Atticus was born in 2008.

Prior to meeting Casey, Summer Phoenix was a model-actress in New York City. After dating for a few years, the two got hitched in Savannah, Georgia in 2006, after a three years engagement.

Although Casey Affleck’s rep didn’t directly talk about the split, a source from In Touch claims that the couple were experiencing problems for months.

An insider told In Touch, “She was having a lot of trust issues. They went to couples counseling but they just couldn’t recover.”

This proves to be a difficult few months for both Casey and Ben Affleck. Casey’s famous older brother, Ben, found himself in a high-profile split from actress Jennifer Garner, who he was also married to for ten years. The pair announced their separation in June of 2015, a day after “celebrating” their ten year anniversary. It was also alleged that Affleck cheated on Garner with former nanny Christine Ouzounian. That said, Garner cleared the air in a telling Vanity Fair profile, stating that they had decided to divorce before any drama with the nanny occurred. Ben’s camp insists that he had a professional relationship with the former nanny.

As for Casey’s relationship with Joaquin Phoenix, it’s hard to say whether their friendship will have the same dynamic. They’ve experienced difficult times as well, especially when their mock-documentary I’m Still Here, which saw Casey directing Joaquin Phoenix as an actor turned rapper was panned by critics and moviegoers.

In a 2010 interview with the Telegraph, Affleck said the experience made him go broke. “It was pretty much all within the realm of possibility: people use prostitutes, people use drugs, especially in Hollywood. We didn’t take it so far that it wasn’t believable.”

“I went broke. I hadn’t worked for more than a year, and I was pouring money into the movie…I was out of money. There was a lot at stake financially and, if we had left [the hoax] there, it would have been very damaging to Joaquin’s career.”

In the end, because the audience wasn’t in on the joke, they felt fooled, and the hoax within the film didn’t work.

The last we saw from Casey Affleck was in the form of a bizarre interview with Stephen Colbert. Viewers didn’t know what to make of the awkward interview, that at one point had Affleck asking if Colbert wanted to fight him. Some regular viewers of Colbert’s The Late Show insisted that this was Colbert’s schtick, while others said that Casey wasn’t in on the joke and was clearly offended.

When the interview began, Colbert immediately pointed out Casey’s disheveled appearance and jokingly thanked him for “dressing up.” Affleck called him rude and Colbert said, “I’m not saying you don’t look good. I’m not being rude at all.” The interview grew so uncomfortable that when Colbert asked Casey to introduce the clip for his film Triple 9, he seemed ambivalent.

[Photo by Scott Gries/Getty Images]