Two Boys Run Off Of A Plane Into The Arms Of Strangers, And It Is The Most Beautiful Thing You Will See Today [Video]

Get the tissues ready for the most heartwarming video you will watch today. Jennifer Murrow Grover and her husband, James, know how to wade through the complicated waters of international adoptions, as they had already adopted three children from various countries in the past. However, when Jennifer and James saw photos of 7-year-old Bronson and 14-year-old Joseph from the Democratic Republic of the Congo, they knew that the two boys belonged in their family. They immediately started the process to adopt the boys, and things appeared to go smoothly. Sadly, they never expected what would happen next.

Jennifer Murrow Grover wrote about her experience adopting her two sons, Bronson and Joseph, in an article on PopSugar. Jennifer notes that she had always wanted a large family, and after three biological children of her own, she suffered through five miscarriages. Following the miscarriages, Jennifer and husband James decided to adopt. Their family would quickly expand after the pair adopted three children from countries across the globe. Despite already adopting three children, the Grovers still yearned to provide homes for more children in need. Therefore, the couple decided to adopt two brothers from the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

“When I saw Bronson’s picture, I knew instantly that he was ours.”

After a seemingly easy process, the Grovers formally adopting the children and were legally declared their guardians. However, as the family tried to get the boys legal documents, including their Visas, in order to allow them to enter the United states, they ran into an issue that they never expected: the DRC suspended all adoptions. As a result of the adoption suspension, the boys were not allowed to leave the DRC, and the Grover family struggled to find a way to make their family complete. Finally, after three long years, Bronson and Joseph were on an airplane headed to the United States. The pair would meet their parents face-to-face for the first time in the airport, and their meeting was nothing short of spectacular.

Jennifer Grover shared a video of the couple’s first meeting with their sons and it will hit you right in the feels.

The video shows the two young boys, lead by Bronson, running from the plane terminal directly into the arms of his waiting parents. He is followed shortly by an equally as eager Joseph, who immediately is embraced by his father. The four push through a lot of tears, hugs, and smiles as the Grover family meets the boys they waited so long to welcome home.

Jennifer says that she shared the video to show that although international adoption can be tedious and difficult, the end result is well worth all of the trouble. She tells those wishing to adopt to be prepared for the unexpected.

“One thing that is very common with adoption in general, but specifically an international adoption, is you need to expect the unexpected. We have not had an adoption yet where there has not been something unexpected take place.”

Despite the complications in the adoption process, the Grovers are now complete. Prior to the boys making it to the United States, the Grovers shared their adoption story on Facebook and included the stories of their other three adoptions. You can watch the short documentary about the Grover family and their many adoptions below.

What do you think about the Grover family’s amazing adoption stories? Did you know that international adoption can take years for families despite being declared the legal guardian of a child?

[Image via Emily Grover/Facebook]