Prince Auction: Ex-Wife Mayte Garcia Finally Selling Off Prince’s Stuff — $100,000 Starting Bid On Engagement Ring [Video]

For those who’ve long been a fan of the musical artist Prince and his ex-wife, Mayte Garcia, they know that theirs has been an epic love story that inspired quite a bit of amazing music. In “Morning Papers,” Prince sang about pouring his heart into a glass and offering it like wine to a young woman who needed to make it back home in time for the morning papers to arrive. Prince waxed nostalgic about falling in love with the younger Mayte, as Garcia danced around Prince in the below performance on the Arsenio Hall Show. Apparently, Mayte is at last ready to let go of those memories via an auction of Prince’s things — stuff that Mayte didn’t want to part with when Garcia appeared on Hollywood Exes.

“Why is age more than a number when it comes to love?”

According to the New York Post, Mayte is finally ready to auction Prince’s stuff, and it’s not going for cheap. And Mayte is also letting go of sentimental items, like the engagement ring that Prince gave her when Prince asked Mayte to marry him.

That marriage proposal was chronicled in Prince’s “Holy River” song, where Prince described taking his love down to a river that was meaningful and ask Mayte a very important question.

“I called my girl and told her I had something to give her. I asked her to marry me and she said yes and cried.”

Well, that “something to give her” engagement ring for Mayte — along with the five hand-written love notes on heart-shaped pink paper (romantic guy, that Prince) — are up for auction with a starting bid of $100,000, according to the Nate Sanders auction site.

“The diamond engagement ring with which Prince proposed to his wife Mayte Garcia, accompanied by 5 handwritten heart notes, which Prince used to lead her on a romantic journey to the ring. At the end of the journey was this stunning round diamond of approximately 2.2 karats, measuring 8.3mm. Set of 5 handwritten notes are offered as a collector’s piece only and do not come with rights for reproduction, manufacturing or distribution. A remarkable, romantic piece from one of the greatest entertainers the world has ever known. From the collection of Mayte Garcia.”

Despite Mayte’s reluctance to sell the items initially, apparently Gayte is ready to move on to a new chapter in her life. In one episode of Hollywood Exes, Mayte had the wedding china — complete with Prince’s signature symbol — still sitting pretty prominently in a display case in her house. That wedding china now shows up in the catalog of Mayte and Prince’s china — with the lowest bid appearing to be $1,000 starting bid for a china saucer.

Mayte got together with Prince’s former manager — Owen Husney — to auction off the items, which also include a set of rhinestone-encrusted handcuffs that require a $10,000 minimum bid.

According to the Nate D. Sanders’ site, the auction ends Thursday, March 17, at 5 p.m. PT.

However, it’s not just frilly clothes and wedding china and jewelry being sold in the auction of Prince’s stuff. A 1959 vintage Gibson L-series 6-string acoustic guitar, that Prince actually used, is being auctioned for a minimum bid of $60,000 — so says the site.

The auction seems a bittersweet ending for Prince and Mayte. Prince’s “Let’s Have a Baby” song, in which Prince sang about not being able to wait for having a baby much longer — reportedly written on their wedding night — soon turned to sorrow.

“So long have I gazed into your eyes… wondering what they’d look like on a newborn child.”

When the son named Gregory, as reported by E!, that Prince and Mayte wanted so much was born but died soon after birth, Prince wrote “She Gave Her Angels,” about Mayte sending her guardian angels off with their beloved child.

Prince and Mayte can be seen in top photo above performing at the VH1 Fashion & Music Awards show in New York on Sunday, December 3, 1995.

[Photo by AP Photo/Adam Nadel]