‘Mob Wives’ War: Karen Gravano Claims Drita D’Avanzo Is Fake On Camera — Spin-Off With Her Is Not Possible

'Mob Wives' War: Karen Gravano Claims Drita D'Avanzo Is Fake On Camera--Spin-off With Her Is Not Possible

Mob Wives star Karen Gravano claims that co-star Drita D’Avanzo acts differently on camera. Apparently, the reality TV star puts up an appearance in front of the cameras that she wants to fight, but in reality, she is scared to get physical. Karen told Radar Online that because of Drita’s “tough man front,” the feud between them will continue for years to come.

In the Mob Wives series finale last week, Karen and Drita came face to face and tried to settle the score one last time, reported Starcasm. The feud lived on as Drita appeared only to be interested in a fight, and not talking like a mature adult. After the episode, Mob Wives fans allegedly accused Karen of being scared to come to blows with Drita; however, Gravano wants to clear the air and reveals that it was D’Avanzo who was scared of her!

“Drita does everything for theatrics on TV. She said she wanted to call that meeting to prove I’m lying, but yet didn’t want to sit down at the table and speak about anything because she knows that I never brought up anything about men.”

Gravano claims that Mob Wives producers tell them that if they can’t use security to keep them apart, then they place them on opposite sides of a long table. Apparently, according to Karen, all Drita’s talk about coming to blows was never an option — security never would allow them to get physical.

“Prior to even going in there, our producers told us that we weren’t going to be able to make a move without security holding us down. We were at a long table so that we couldn’t even reach each other. So all of that ‘rah rah’ she was doing about fighting, she knew it couldn’t even happen.”

Karen insisted that the part that the Mob Wives viewers didn’t see in the series finale was the producers asked Drita to sit down with her again, and she refused. Gravano claims that D’Avanzo doesn’t want to “hear the truth.”

“Hopefully, the reunion shows a lot of behind-the-scenes footage that will make you understand more about her snake moves—like when I came back in season five, she started crying that she couldn’t work with me because she was scared of my father.Another example is when Carla Facciolo came back at the end of season five, Drita ran to production and quit the show for a short time.”

According to Karen, Drita is different on camera than off, and she is hoping that some of her inconsistencies will be aired on the reunion show. Apparently, because of the constant friction, Karen insists that she, Renee Graziano, and Carla do not want to work with Drita again. The feeling is mutual because D’Avanzo has said numerous times that she was happy Mob Wives is over.

“The Drita you see on camera is very different from the behind-the-scenes Drita, and I’m hoping at the end, she will finally be exposed!”

Karen and Drita’s relationship has played out in the past six seasons. Drita seems to have a problem with the fact that decades ago, Karen had a serious relationship with her husband, Lee D’Avanzo. Drita accuses Karen of being obsessed with her — in fact, they both throw so much shade in each other’s direction that it is hard to know which one of them to believe. One thing that is certain, neither Mob Wives cast member is innocent in their feud.

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