Jared Fogle Attacked And Beaten In Prison Altercation

Jared Fogle attacked and beaten

Jared Fogle was attacked and beaten in an altercation with another inmate. Fogle suffered a bloody nose, contusions, facial swelling, and abrasions on the neck from the beating. The incident occurred in the recreation yard of Colorado’s low-security Englewood Federal Correctional Institution. The attack apparently happened on January 29, but TMZ only recently received documents regarding the confrontation before reporting on it Wednesday.

According to the TMZ report, “it was not much of a fight.”

The documents name Steven Nigg as the assailant. Jared was apparently pushed to the ground and then pummeled to the face. New York Daily News reports that aside from some cuts to the hand, Nigg walked away uninjured. The 60-year-old inmate was immured to solitary confinement as punishment for the attack on Jared Fogle. Nigg is serving on a sentence for a gun conviction connected to a crime spree that occurred in Arizona decades ago.

He had served time from 1976-1990 along with his accomplice for the crime spree that involved the armed robbery of several establishments in Arizona. After his release he opened a consignment business with his father and was eventually arrested again after selling guns that were used in the robberies. He is due for release in 2024.

The news of Jared Fogle’s attack by Nigg prompted TMZ to seek comment from the two-time convict’s family.

“We spoke to Nigg’s family and they’re not surprised. We’re told Steven’s pissed because so many child sex predators are housed in the low security facility, and Fogle was just the last straw.”

According to a report by ABC News, attacks on imprisoned pedophiles like this are not uncommon. Inmates have a very low tolerance for sex offenders, especially of the child molesting variety. In 2003, a former Roman Catholic priest, John Geoghan, who was convicted on child molestation charges, was murdered in his prison cell. He had been strangled and stomped to death by another inmate.

The attack on Jared Fogle may have merely been a warning. Many other inmates incarcerated for similar offenses, have suffered far worse.

“Once their crime has become known, they usually don’t make it without protective custody,” said the ABC report.

The reason that Nigg did not do worse to Jared is unknown. Ning may have thought that the 17-year-old prostitute involved in the case had some responsibility in the matter. While thoughts on Nigg’s motivations are speculative, a distinction between rape and prostitution is evident. Then again, it is possible that the altercation was stopped before it could get lethal.

Whatever the case, Jared Fogle is lucky the attack did not end up more severe. If he is not placed in protective custody, he could be in danger of another assault, which may result in an even more serious attack. The ABC News report mentions that there is “a culture of looking the other way in prison(s)” that even includes prison guards in some cases. Sentiment towards pedophiles in prison, by both inmates and guards, seems to reflect a similar sentiment that is seen outside of prison toward them.

Here is what Twitter had to say about the Jared Fogle attack.

However, not everyone was delighted at the news of the attack.

It is unknown if the attack on Jared Fogle has prompted officials at Littleton FCI to place Jared into protective custody or taken any other measures to ensure his safety. Common sense would dictate that some sort of protective measures have been taken, but little has been reported on the protocols used at Littleton’s lo-security facility.

Jared Fogle is currently serving a 15 year sentence on child pornography and illicit sexual conduct charges. He will be up for parole in 2029.

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