Rihanna And Nicki Minaj: When To Twerk And When To Say ‘I Am Not Twerking’

Niki Minaj by Bryan Steffy

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj twerk, just as lot of other female performers do, but does there ever come a time when they should not be twerking? Ms. Minaj thinks so. Refinery 29 explains that recently Nicki refused to twerk. In Barbershop 3: The Next Cut, Nicki refused to to show off he mad skills even though it was in the script and she loves to do it. Why? She wanted her character to seem deep and purposeful and to have more meaning than just some twitching on screen.

“I wanted there to be a little bit of depth to Draya. I didn’t want her just to be, you know, an Instagram thot; I wanted her to have some sort of purpose and meaning. Not every sexy woman is out here twerking all damn day.”

Rihanna, Nicki Minaj and a lot of other young women all over YouTube twerk on videos. They like to show off their booties, each in their own unique twerking style. Twerking is great for fitness as well. So, what is up with Ms. Minaj suddenly saying, at least essentially, if you want to be respected and taken seriously then maybe twerking isn’t always such a great idea. Rihanna doesn’t seem to have said that, but she doesn’t twerk all the time. She’s great at it, so why not?

Obviously, Rihanna and Nicki Minaj both enjoy an occasional twerk as they dance about on stage. They are both really good dancers and look great when they perform. Is Nicki right that there are times that one should not twerk? Certainly there are. Job interviews, funerals, and most religious services would definitely be examples of times it isn’t a great idea to twerk, but is Ms. Minaj saying something a bit more far-reaching and profound? Does what she is saying apply to things like sex, revealing clothing, nudity and nude selfies?

Rhinna by Jason Merritt
Nicki Minaj seems to be telling her public that there is a time and a place where twerking is fine, but one should not let their twerk define their character. That certainly applies to a lot of things people tend to do because they see celebrities doing it. Is she stepping up and being a role model for women who feel pressured into fads in sexuality that have become expected and that perhaps make them feel uncomfortable? It’s okay to say no. Possibly that is what she was getting at.

Niki Minaj
Rihanna and Nicki Minaj, even though they seem to twerk quite a lot, are very respected professionally and personally. In the video below, Rihanna can be observed behaving in a very professional manner during an interview. Again, there is a time and a place for different types of behavior, and Rihanna is an excellent example of someone who can be intellectual as well as sexy. She can be fun without always being over the top. Niki seems to be talking about establishing credibility in a limited amount of time, with a new group or audience. Her Barbershop character only has a certain amount of time on screen for viewers to get an impression of her. Why waste it on twerking when that might give the wrong impression?

As Nicki Minaj points out in her video above, twerking is great exercise and helps her keep up her fine figure. Of course, she isn’t going to give it up and become prudish about it now. Not with all those videos already out there, but she’s saying there are times when one wants to be respected for their talent, their character, and overall purpose in life. They want to seem professional or intelligent, not just a booty, but also a brain and a heart.
Since Rihanna and Nicki Minaj both dance so beautifully, and their figures are so perfect, they have inspired other women to use twerking as exercise. Most ordinary women usually twerk as exercise, behind closed doors and without a camera. According to Elite Daily, twerk aerobics is a great way to tone up. It might be surprising how many moms, pastor’s wives, maybe even nuns twerk when no one is around. There is nothing wrong with it. Who is to even know, and it firms up the bottom, thighs and waist very nicely, as Nicki pointed out. Plus, it is more fun than aerobics or other kinds of butt exercises.

Rihanna and Nicki Minaj twerk, but there is so much more to them than their amazing, twerking booties.

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