Catelynn Lowell Medical Crisis, ‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Secretly Suffering As Husband Asks For Prayers [Update]

Catelynn Lowell has always been a fan-favorite in the Teen Mom franchise. From the beginning when she was introduced on 16 & Pregnant, there was just something about this young lady that fans were able to connected with. When Lowell and Tyler Baltierra chose adoption instead of parenting, they went through a wide range of emotions. Both came from broken homes, experiencing a lot of life’s horrors at such a young age. Through the years they supported one another, and Baltierra and Lowell finally tied the knot last August in a televised event after being together for several years.

Teen Mom OG has ended for the season, but not before addressing some very real issues for Catelynn Lowell. It was revealed that she suffered from postpartum depression after having Novalee, something she was terribly ashamed of dealing with. Tyler Baltierra noticed something was off with his wife, and it was addressed during the season. According to Us Weekly, Catelynn Lowell is needing prayers. Tyler Baltierra reached out to fans on Twitter to ask them to pray for his wife, though no further details have been given. Lowell has also made some cryptic tweets, with no information alluding to what is truly happening with her.

Fans have been commenting about the situation with Catelynn Lowell for several hours now. Many are concerned there could be more happening than postpartum depression. Teen Mom OG didn’t reveal anything too much out of the ordinary for Lowell or Tyler Baltierra. They were married last August and have been adjusting to being parents rather well according to the footage. Several speculations are circulating across social media, and there is eager anticipation about a statement from Lowell or Baltierra. Depression is something Lowell has battled with most of her life, and she admitted to contemplating suicide on more than one occasion. In fact, Lowell also battles anxiety issues which were heightened after the birth of Novalee.

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The talk about postpartum depression was hard on Catelynn Lowell. She went into detail about her struggles, and cried about the feelings she was having. The Teen Mom OG reunion revealed a lot more about what Lowell was going through and how Tyler Baltierra was there to help. According to Ok! Magazine, Catelynn Lowell broke down in tears over what was happening, and fans felt terrible for her. It appeared that things were going better for the newly-married couple, but now there is some doubt. Between the cryptic tweets from Lowell and Baltierra and the silence they have been practicing on social media in recent weeks, fans are worried there could be more serious issues happening.

Right now, there are no answers about what Catelynn Lowell is going through. Some have ventured to guess that the couple may have suffered a miscarriage after rumors of another pregnancy circulated last month. Tyler Baltierra did not elaborate on what the prayers were for, only that they were needed. The next few days should reveal more about what is happening. It appears that sickness and health play a role in whatever is going on with Lowell, especially since Baltierra directly quoted the vows. This couple has overcome so much in the last decade, surely a little rough patch won’t shake them. Fans are hoping for the best for Lowell. Baltierra seems to be stepping up to the plate to help his wife, which was quite apparent during the Teen Mom OG airing. For now the couple wishes to keep whatever is happening private. Catelynn Lowell has a lot of life ahead of her and a daughter and husband who depend on her, giving up is not an option, now or ever.

An update has finally come in regards to Catelynn Lowell’s condition. According to In Touch Weekly, Lowell exclusively confirmed she was on her way to seek treatment in a rehab facility in Arizona. Lowell has been battling anxiety and depression for several years, and this is the next step in becoming whole again. It is unclear how long Lowell will be gone.

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