Gwen Stefani’s New Album Features Songs Inspired By Blake Shelton, Gavin Rossdale Divorce

Gwen Stefani’s new album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, will be released on Friday, and on it, The Voice star and mother of three will be featured singing songs about her boyfriend, Blake Shelton, and her divorce from soon-to-be ex-husband, Gavin Rossdale.

“Of course (our relationship) was an influence,” Gwen Stefani explained to Refinery of Shelton on March 15. “Musically, no. Every song was written purely out of whatever my heart was going through at that moment… I didn’t have any kind of musical direction for this album. Every song was written around emotions.”

Gwen Stefani and Rossdale reportedly reached the end of their marriage in February, 2015, according to a report by Us Weekly, at which point one of Gwen Stefani’s employees informed her of an affair going on between Rossdale and their nanny, Mindy Mann. After taking notice of a number of text messages sent between Rossdale and Mann on the family’s iPad, which included plans to meet and hook up, Gwen Stefani immediately fired Mann, and confronted Rossdale about his rumored cheating.

However, because Rossdale initially denied the affair, claiming he and Mann were only flirting, Gwen Stefani chose to stay in her marriage and try to work through their issues. Then, according to the magazine’s source, Rossdale came clean and in August, 2015, Gwen Stefani officially ended their 13-year marriage.

Around the same time, Gwen Stefani’s co-star, Shelton, ended his four-year marriage to Miranda Lambert.

While filming the ninth season of The Voice late last year, Gwen Stefani and Shelton bonded over their divorces and formed a friendship, which later turned into a romance, and on November 4, the couple made their public debut at a an after party in Nashville, Tennessee, where the Country Music Awards were held earlier that night.

Since going public with their romance, Gwen Stefani and Shelton have been extremely open with their romance, often sending tweets to one another and attending events around Los Angeles.

Meanwhile, as she continued to develop her upcoming album, Gwen Stefani presented a song collection to her label, and was initially told her tunes were too intense.

“(They said) Listen, we think this overall album you’re writing is too personal. We don’t think people are going to relate. You should just put out an art record,” she recalled. “And I was like, ‘Are you kidding me? I’m literally channeling God here. I’m saving my own life with this record and you come and punch me in the face?’ “

The following day, Gwen Stefani returned to the studio determined to turn her emotions into a great song collection, and for her, that meant writing the “most f**king personal s**t ever” with her crew.

In addition to opening up about her romance with Shelton in “Make Me Like You,” he also seems to be spoken of in “Misery,” which features Gwen Stefani telling someone to take her out of her misery. As for “Used To Love You,” that track is likely about Rossdale, the father of her three children, Kingston, Zuma, and Apollo.

In the coming weeks, following Gwen Stefani’s new album release, Shelton is scheduled to release an album of his own, and earlier this month, the first song, “Came Here To Forget,” became available. In the song, Shelton talks about getting over someone, likely Lambert.

Gwen Stefani’s new album, This Is What The Truth Feels Like, hits stores on Friday, March 18.

[Photo by Francois Durand/Getty Images]