Angelina Jolie Wants A Role In Fifty Shades Of Grey

In the 90s when you thought of gutsy roles that defied constricting gender identification, Angelina Jolie was the first name to come up. Jolie, who was most known for taking risk in gender bending roles, and being a more powerful presence than her male counterparts Jolie stuck out like a sore thumb.

Now it looks like Jolie wants her reputation back with a new role in Fifty Shades of Grey. The film, which is currently being optioned by Warner Bros and CBS films, has been creating major casting buzz because of its erotic nature. It’s said that Jolie is definitely interested in being apart of that buzz surrounding Fifty Shades of Grey, and although she’s too old to play naive college student Anastasia Steele, perhaps another role could be found or created for her.

According to a source in Daily Mirror, “Angelina kept hearing about the book while she was in the UK. All the girls on set were talking about it and how it’s being made into a film.” The source continued speaking about Jolie’s enthusiasm over Fifty Shades of Grey, “Angelina went out and bought herself a copy, thinking she’d love a part in the hot topic on everyone’s lips at the moment. She knows the film is bound to be a huge hit.”

This isn’t the first time Jolie has been linked to the racy film. Some sources have reported before that it’s Jolie, and not Bret Easton Ellis, who will eventually direct the novel adaptation of Fifty Shades of Grey. Only time will tell!

Do you think there’s a role for Angelina Jolie in Fifty Shades of Grey? Do you think she would make a good director?