Donald Trump Launches New Online Attack On Megyn Kelly, Calls Fox Reporter ‘Crazy,’ ‘Unwatchable’

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For most folks, big victories tend to evoke feelings of gratitude and humility. Then again, most folks aren’t Donald Trump. As results poured in from the so-called “Super Tuesday 3” primaries last night, the businessman-turned-politician was surely elated to see a substantial win on the horizon. But any feelings of magnanimity were momentarily stifled by an itch to remind everyone of his contempt for one of Fox’s most popular on-air personalities, Megyn Kelly.

Commenting on the Fox News coverage of early primary results, Trump once again peppered old foe Megyn Kelly with insults and stinging critiques, starting with a tweet of his own in which he called the reporter “crazy” and “unwatchable.” His initial Twitter salvo was retweeted over 4,000 times and favorited over 10,000 times.

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Donald Trump continued to skewer Kelly as the night progressed, retweeting a number of barbed comments from his supporters, including Trump fans who accused the reporter of bias as well as those who happily perpetuated Trump’s characterization of Kelly as “crazy.”

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As noted by Time Magazine, Donald Trump’s feud with Megyn Kelly began in August at the first Republican debate hosted by Fox News. Trump objected to the tone of a question from Kelly challenging his treatment of women. After their initial clash, Trump criticized Megyn Kelly extensively via a number of forums. On the eve of the Iowa caucuses, Trump skipped a GOP panel discussion moderated by Megyn Kelly, and many pundits later suggested that the move cost him a win in that primary event.

At times, Donald Trump’s choice of verbiage regarding Megyn Kelly has prompted scorn and controversy, particularly with regard to an interview soon after the debate in which the candidate appeared to make a joke Kelly was in the midst of her menstrual cycle during the first Fox debate.

“You could see there was blood coming out of her eyes… Blood coming out of her wherever,” Trump quipped during an interview with CNN‘s Don Lemon.

Trump later rebuked the popular interpretation of his remarks, claiming that only a “sick person” would think of his comments in the aforementioned context.

Donald Trump’s comments about women have been a recurring source of controversy during his presidential campaign. A recent commercial produced by the Our Principles political action committee features a number of documented quotes from Trump about women, as read by a group of women. The comments include insults like “fat pig,” “bimbo,” and “dog,” as well as more incendiary comments about female breast size and other sensitive matters. A report by the New York Times notes that the quotations cited include some of the same ones that Megyn Kelly referenced when she initially questioned Donald Trump during the Fox debate in August.

Although Megyn Kelly has responded to Donald Trump’s vitriolic critiques with some degree of decorum in the past, she has yet to formally reply to his most recent flurry of insults.

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