Selena Gomez, Taylor Swift: Not Talking To Each Other Anymore?

Selena Gomez has taken over Taylor Swift as the most followed user on Instagram, MTV News has reported. And guess who she just took over? Taylor Swift! It’s almost as if things are happening by chance to get the two to fight over things.

But even if one assumes that Swift has taken this defeat in her stride, it’s not clear if the events in the recent past are going to do their friendship a favor. Let’s not forget that the “Bad Blood” singer has been posting way too many “happy” bikini pictures (now that’s another story) on Instagram with boyfriend Calvin Harris while Selena Gomez is still struggling with her single hood. But these can’t be the only reasons for the two to be cross with each other, can they? We need to back up just a tiny bit.

It all started with the Vanity Fair Oscars party, where Selena Gomez was reportedly not seen with the “Shake It Off” singer. Instead, she was seen hobnobbing with Josephine Skriver.

Josephine also posted a picture of herself with Selena Gomez that was captioned, “My date last night was hotter than yours???????????????? @selenagomez.”

Hollywood Life reported that Selena and Taylor were not seen together the entire night.

my date last night was hotter than yours ???????????????? @selenagomez

A photo posted by Josephine Skriver (@josephineskriver) on

“Are Selena Gomez and Taylor fighting again? Both women were partying the night away on February 28 at the Vanity Fair bash, but as far as anyone can tell, never together. Selena Gomez instead attended the party with Victoria’s Secret model Josephine, while “Wildest Dreams” singer hung out with her brother, Austin Swift, 23, and Lorde, 19,” the magazine said.

Clearly, anyone who is a Taylor and Gomez fan knows that is not the way things roll with the two ladies.

The Inquisitr previously reported that the two may have had a squabble over Taylor’s brother Austin Swift. Reportedly, Selena Gomez and Austin Swift were together the entire night.

“There wasn’t one time that I didn’t see them (Selena and Austin) together. Granted, Austin’s sister was also with them, but at one point it was just the two of them dancing while Taylor was dancing with Lorde and Brie Larson. Selena Gomez and Austin weren’t holding hands or anything like that, but they do make a good looking couple, and they looked like they were having a great time together,” an eyewitness told Hollywood Life exclusively.

Could that have caused the rift between the two? Well, that’s likely.

No big deal just rolled up with the hottest date. @selenagomez #grammys

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The Inquisitr reported that Selena Gomez is possibly jealous of Taylor’s relationship with Calvin Harris. Not because she has her eyes on Harris, but possibly because she wants to have someone in her life, just as Taylor Swift does. Nothing wrong with that, is there?

Hollywood Life has reported that Selena Gomez is very thrilled that Swift has found her soulmate, but Selena may also be jealous that she hasn’t. The source has also said that Selena Gomez has always dreamed of the commitment she and Calvin have.

A photo posted by Selena Gomez (@selenagomez) on

“Selena would give anything to be in a relationship like Taylor and Calvin’s,” an insider told Hollywood Life. “To have this type of commitment and respect for each other would be a dream for Selena Gomez. She has been very supportive of Taylor and Calvin’s relationship and was the first to wish them Happy Anniversary. Their relationship gives Selena hope that she will one day have the same thing and that one day she will find her soulmate.”

this is what was shining most -so proud of you Tay ????

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It isn’t unnatural to be jealous of your friends when they are doing better than you are, is it? But do you think Selena Gomez should put her friendship on the line? Tell us what you think in the comments section below.

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