Tyler Perry On ‘The Passion’ Movie: ‘The Greatest Story Ever Told’ [Video]

Perry Passion Movie

Tyler Perry makes no secret of the fact that he is a Christian with a strong faith in Jesus Christ. His faith is threaded throughout the plethora of Tyler Perry films, including the hilarious Madea movies, in which Tyler plays the lead role of an older southern woman whose belief in Jesus is also a large part of her character.

So it makes sense that Tyler Perry is included in a new incarnation of The Passion of the Christ, simply entitled The Passion. This is not at all a remake of the former movie, yet it is based on the same principle. While The Passion of the Christ, directed by Mel Gibson and starring John Caviezel, who is better known for his role as Mr. Reese on TV’s Person of Interest, was set in the time of Jesus Christ and follows the horrendous agony he suffered in the hours before his crucifixion, the film Tyler Perry will be narrating takes place in modern day New Orleans.

TV Guide describes The Passion as follows.

“Tyler Perry narrates a musical portrait of the last days of Jesus Christ, from the Last Supper to the Resurrection, which plays out on the streets of New Orleans through Bible passages and contemporary pop songs.”

Tyler Perry’s latest project will air live on FOX on March 20, which Christians know as Palm Sunday, and exactly one week from Easter. The message behind this film is unconditional love. Watch the trailer below.

In his own words, Tyler Perry talks about the core meaning behind The Passion.

“Part of the reason that Christians are persecuted for having faith is because of Christians, and some of the things that we’ve said and some of the things we’ve done.

“And that’s what I love about The Passion. It’s so inclusive of everyone. It’s so about love for everyone. And I think that message never goes out of style, no matter how many people want to dumb it down or dull it down or make it nonexistent.”

According to CNN, Tyler Perry took to Facebook to share his thoughts and opinions on the inspirational message behind this production.

“The Passion is about love, inclusion and compassion for all mankind. It’s for believers and also nonbelievers. It’s for all faiths and all backgrounds. This story doesn’t just belong to one group, it belongs to humanity. Love, forgiveness and compassion, those are things that are universal to us all.”

Tyler Perry also shared a personal message for his fans and all moviegoers, beseeching them to support the making of inspirations films. Tyler Perry says the powers that be in Hollywood need to understand that people want to see more wholesome shows.

“I’m calling on my audience and believers all over this country to help support this show. Please help us send a message to Hollywood that we want to see more TV shows that leave us lifted, inspired and changed. Shows that leave us hopeful.”

The Passion will be narrated by Tyler Perry and stars Trisha Yearwood as Jesus’ mother Mary, Jencarlos Canela as Jesus Christ, Seal as Pontius Pilate, and Chris Daughtry as Judas, the betrayer of Jesus.

Watch Tyler Perry speak about this “unique, never-been-done” production.

With Easter only one week following the airing of this movie detailing the last hours of Jesus Christ, this is a wonderful film to watch with your whole family. Easter is not just about bunnies and plastic eggs with treats inside — it’s about how Jesus gave his life, in a horrifyingly painful way, to pay for the sins of us all so we may go to Heaven if we believe in him. Tyler Perry is the perfect narrator for this very important story.

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