‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Kristina Faces Tough Questions, Nina Confronts Franco, And New Drama Emerges With ‘Crimson’

'General Hospital' star Lexi Ainsworth

General Hospital spoilers tease a wild episode ahead for Wednesday. A new issue of Crimson is about to hit the stands, but fans have a hunch this may not go as planned. Kristina is facing questions from Sonny, and Franco will have a confrontation with Nina. What can viewers expect from the March 16 show?

Nina, Maxie, and Dillon have all been working hard on the next issue of Crimson, but viewers saw on Tuesday’s show that Julian was working on a plan that might be contrary to that of the magazine staff. General Hospital spoilers via We Love Soaps share that whatever comes next on this front will have Dillon and Maxie horrified. It seems as the week continues they will be scrambling, and Julian’s big plan may end up backfiring on him.

Franco has been growing close to Elizabeth and Jake, and this is going to cause friction with Nina. General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be confronting him over this, upset that he headed to Philadelphia without telling her. Obviously, he feels a connection to Jake given the troubles they have both faced, but he has also connected with Elizabeth, and it sounds as if this leaves Nina questioning her place in his life.

Teasers detail that Franco will not be the only one facing questions about this relationship. General Hospital spoilers via SheKnows Soaps note that Epiphany will question Elizabeth about the connection, as well. Granted, neither Liz or Franco have romantic sparks toward one another at this point whatsoever, but many have speculated that something might be on the horizon. Of course, fans also know that there is one new doctor in town, with another on the way in Michael Easton’s upcoming return to the soap, and one of these two may be a romantic interest for Elizabeth soon as well.

Kristina has been scrambling to keep the truth about what happened with her professor a secret from her parents, but both Sonny and Alexis know something is up. General Hospital spoilers note that Alexis will try to get Molly to reveal what she knows about Kristina’s secret, while Sonny goes straight to his daughter pushing for the truth.

From the sounds of things, neither Sonny or Alexis will make much progress on this. However, as the week continues, General Hospital spoilers share that Kristina will confide in Molly. Will Kristina share everything she has been hiding, or just enough to get everybody off her back for a bit?

It seems that viewers will get some hot moments with Sam and Jason during Wednesday’s episode, as well. The two have finally reunited, and things seem to be going very well for them. General Hospital spoilers detail that they will find themselves with a spare 10 minutes or so, and Sam will tease that they can probably find a way to fill that time. As hot as this couple is right now, they may be facing a shift in the episodes ahead, as Sam seemingly decides it may be best to slow things down a bit.

Just what happens with this issue of Crimson and can Maxie, Dillon, and Nina save the day once again? When will Kristina open up to her family fully about what she has been hiding? There is plenty more action on the way as the week continues and fans cannot wait to see what comes next on General Hospital.

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