One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson Ridiculously Accused Of Neglecting His Son — Yes, Seriously

It sometimes seems that Louis Tomlinson is public enemy number one. For some unknown reason, One Direction star Louis receives more than his fair share of negative reporting, and it seems that Tomlinson has been in the firing line forever. Many of Tomlinson’s fans are angered and upset by the way Louis is portrayed in some sections of the media, but the attacks seem endless. Much of the negativity surrounding Tomlinson seems to center on reports surrounding his fatherhood of Freddie Tomlinson and Louis’ relationship with baby mama Briana Jungwirth.

Ever since the Sun broke the news that Tomlinson was to become a father last July, the subject has caused more controversy among fans, and the media than any other story involving a member of One Direction. There was, and still is, a great deal of skepticism of Louis’ fatherhood among Tomlinson fans. Louis has said little about baby Tomlinson publicly, and has said nothing at all about Briana Jungwirth and, as a result, rumor and speculation has run rampant.

As the birth of Freddie Tomlinson approached, rumors began to circulate that Louis was dating Originals actress Danielle Campbell, and as a result, he was accused of being a deadbeat dad and of having “dumped” his pregnant girlfriend just weeks before she was due to give birth.

Lad and Dad

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Even after Freddie’s birth the speculation around Tomlinson has not eased. It has been widely reported, including in the Daily Mail, that Tomlinson is in a custody battle with Jungwirth after it was claimed that she tried to stop him seeing his son as the pair fought over financial matters.

Anyone who knows anything about Tomlinson will be aware that Louis is hugely family oriented, and very generous towards the charities he is involved with. Tomlinson’s charitable efforts focus on children’s charities, and as previously reported in the Inquisitr, Louis often goes the extra mile to make people happy. That’s why it is so sickening to see Tomlinson accused of neglecting his son.

Movie Guide News claims that Tomlinson is neglecting Freddie by spending his time partying with Danielle Campbell. The entirely anecdotal “evidence” — or lack thereof — seems to center on the fact that Louis was seen at a variety of L.A. clubs during the first week of March. Louis seems to have been spotted partying on five or six nights in a row during the early part of the month.

It may come as a surprise to some media outlets but 24-year-old Tomlinson is more than entitled to live his life. There is no law against having fun after you have a child. If the Daily Mirror is to be believed, Louis does not have overnight access to Freddie as a result a temporary access agreement put in place towards the end of February. It is believed that Tomlinson and Jungwirth came to an agreement which will allow Louis to see Freddie for several hours at a time, but with no overnight visits yet.

In view of the agreement that is supposedly in place Tomlinson has no access to Freddie at night, so many people will be scratching their heads wondering how Louis being out on the town when he has no access equates with him “neglecting” his son.

Louis fans will doubtless see this type of reporting as a continuance of the anti-Tomlinson rhetoric that has been running for many months in sections of the media.


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In other Tomlinson news it seems that there is no pleasing some One Direction fans. According to Unreality TV Louis went on a following spree on Instagram earlier this week. Bizarrely, it seems that this led to Tomlinson being attacked by some One Direction fans because he does not follow bandmate Harry Styles on that social media platform.

Some of the messages posted on Tomlinson’s Instagram account are beyond sick. Louis and his bandmates must sometimes wonder why they use social media at all.

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