‘RHOC’ Star Vicki Gunvalson Still Being Threatened By Cancer Scammer Brooks Ayers

Vicki Gunvalson just can’t seem to shake the cancer topic, even if she has hasn’t been with ex-boyfriend Brooks Ayers for over nine months.

According to Radar Online, the cancer-scamming Brooks is trying to betray Vicki yet again. Insiders claim that Brooks has been shopping around lately for an exclusive tell-all interview that will display all of Vicki’s deepest darkest secrets. The interview would reveal his take on his cancer diagnosis and what occurred on the show. And apparently, his side of the story is worth thousands of dollars.

The reality star hid from cameras and ran from Vicki’s home after his cancer diagnosis was discovered to be a lie. Since then, Vicki has broken up with him and he has promised media outlets that he and Vicki would reunite and reveal everything about his diagnosis.

But that hasn’t happened, and it sounds like it never will. Vicki recently talked about how things are completely over between her and Brooks. “I don’t want anything to do with Brooks,” The Real Housewives of Orange County star stated to Radar Online. “We have been broken up for nine months and I don’t want to talk about his damn cancer.”

While Vicki doesn’t want anything to do with her ex-boyfriend, it seems like he is having a tougher time letting go. After the cancer scandal in Los Angeles, Brooks moved to Florida to get away from reality TV and Vicki. And at first it seemed to be working, but recent tweets reveal make it sound like he is having trouble leaving the past behind, or maybe we should say the spotlight behind.

Vicki Gunvalson defended Brooks Ayers' cancer, until it was later revealed he was faking it. [Image via Bravo]

After posting a picture on Twitter that said, “Fake people have an image to maintain. Real people just don’t care,” then in the caption he wrote “Are you fake or real? #KnowTheDifference #KnowYourWorth #MakeTodayCount.”

The post sounded like a stab towards his former girlfriend. Star Pulse claims that Brooks might be talking about Vicki’s attempt to rebrand herself after the cancer scandal and breakup, but Vicki denies any knowledge of this.

While Vicki Gunvalson is trying to uphold her image on the show, Brooks thinks that she is a fake for doing so, which could be what led to the tweet. And Brooks isn’t the only one on social media that continuously brings up the cancer drama.

StarPulse reports that Vicki has been pretty active on Twitter, denying any and all accusations made against her. “Vicki used your cancer for #RHOC as well as endorsing Club Detox whom she joined forces with. She lied too, blames u,” one particular user wrote towards Vicki and Brooks.

Vicki shot back with, “Not true! I didnt ‘join forces’ with club detox. I believe in proper healthy nutrition to heal a body.”

But the same user continued accusing Vicki. “How can anyone sleep at night knowing that they are giving false hope to those with cancer that club detox heals,” the user wrote, which prompted Brooks to join in on the conversation.

“I gave no false hope! Everyone responds differently to each therapy. Don’t be stupid or ignorant in your comments,” Brooks defended himself with.

But as the conversation continued, Vicki dropped the Twitter rant, further signaling that she doesn’t want to be associated at all with Brooks.

But for Vicki, the drama is simply taking a different form. The cancer scandal may be over, but the reality star’s newest boyfriend comes with his own set of baggage.

Jack Losey and Vicki Gunvalson posed with his son. [Image via Instagram]

Jack Losey, Vicki’s current boyfriend, has a cringe-worthy past, having been involved in a disturbing crime against a friend of his ex-wife.

She Knows states that Losey was accused of aggravated assault after a woman claimed he shoved her into a bonfire. The accuser said that she was pushed into the fire after trying to stop Losey from attacking his then wife, Sara Losey.

However, it is not known how the case was resolved, though during the incident sources say that Losey was on probation for a weapons misconduct charge after he threatened to kill himself and shot a shotgun round through the ceiling.

Wow! The drama just never stops. Tell us what you think! Will Vicki Gunvalson ever be able to leave the Brooks Ayers drama behind? Let us know in the comments.

[Image via Bravo]