Mariah Carey And Fiance James Packer Getting Married In ‘Exclusive’ Island Wedding

Mariah Carey’s fiance, James Packer, is determined to give his future wife everything she wants. One thing Mariah wants is a small, intimate island wedding, and billionaire businessman Packer is making sure that’s exactly what is going to happen this June when the couple get married. Although fans may have been expecting an expensive extravaganza, something Carey’s husband-to-be could easily afford, the wedding will be a more romantic and private affair.

After Packer and Carey got engaged last year and Mariah’s engagement ring in all its enormous splashiness made headlines everywhere, it’s no wonder fans were looking forward to a wedding ceremony to match. But the Daily Mail reports that Mariah and James are content to be getting married in a much quieter way this June in the Caribbean.

According to TMZ, the wedding will take place on an “exclusive” Caribbean island, with a relative handful of guests. Carey and Packer chose Barbuda Island because Packer is engaged in building a ritzy, $250 million resort there with business partner Robert De Niro. Not every bride can say that her fiance built a resort for their wedding reception!

Although the big event will be smaller than fans may have been hoping for, Carey’s wedding will not lack anything in the way of luxurious touches and high-end organizing. For one thing, none of the guests will have to pay their own way to see Mariah and James getting married on Barbuda. The 45-year-old pop diva, who is herself “richer than god,” and her even wealthier business mogul fiance will pay to fly their friends to the island wedding on private jets.

With a reported 50 people invited to the wedding, that’s a lot of money just to bring the guests to the ceremony! But for Packer, who paid $10 million for Mariah’s engagement ring, the cost of a jet or two is pocket change. The June wedding will be the one-year anniversary of their romance “coming to light” last June. It makes sense that James and Mariah want to celebrate the beginning of their marriage at a time so full of meaning for them.

Since Mariah and James went public as a couple, they’ve been spending a lot of time together and “have been inseparable,” except when Carey’s concert schedule and Packer’s business obligations interfered. Even billionaires can’t have everything their own way, but most of the time, Carey and Packer have managed to coordinate their calendars and have spent much of the year sailing around the Mediterranean Balearic Islands on “James’ lavish yacht.”

Carey has faced some backlash for her happiness with James, because while she’s been enjoying the whirlwind romance and luxurious lifestyle, there has been an ongoing family tragedy. According to Hollywood Life, Mariah’s sister Alison is “sick and dying,” but her brother Morgan accuses the star of neglecting her sister. An inside source insisted that the accusations are completely untrue, saying that Mariah’s heart is “bigger than her legendary voice” and that Carey loves her family.

“She’s not going to address anything about her family other than the fact that she loves them all. Mimi’s taken care of Allison’s children and made sure they’ve been well provided for for years and she’s been present in their lives.”

Mariah believers can breathe a sigh of relief and sit back to enjoy watching her delighting in her future husband James. There are always family squabbles, but it looks like throughout her engagement, Mariah is being a good aunt and sister. She’s free to set her sights on learning how to “enjoy her new life” and becoming the “best wife she can” be for James Packer.

[Photo by Jonathan Leibson/Getty Images]