Brad Pitt And Angelina Jolie Headed For Divorce? Angie Fires The Nanny After Brad Caught Flirting [Report]

With new rumors popping up on a regular basis concerning the state of Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie’s marriage, a new report claims that the couple is closer than ever to filing divorce papers.

According to Radar Online, things turned south for the Hollywood couple when Angelina fired one of the kids’ nannies after the woman got too close to hubby Brad. An insider said that suspicion first began after the hot nanny started becoming close friends with Brad and flirted with him.

“Angie was happy with the team she had assembled and handpicked to be around her and the kids,” the insider claimed. “Brad was going in and out of Cambodia as his schedule would allow. He is always well-liked by the staff and friendly with them, but it became obvious the nanny was flirting around him and being a little too friendly.”

The source added that Jolie doesn’t believe anything happened between them, but every time Brad was at the pool, the nanny was there as well. Then Brad went to the kitchen in a towel after getting out of the shower. The nanny happened to be in the kitchen, smiling from ear to ear. The source said the kitchen incident was the last straw for Angelina.

Angelina's skinny frame also has some questioning if she has a problem? [Photo by Alberto E. Rodriguez/Getty]

“She confronted the nanny and a huge screaming match erupted. Of course, she didn’t hesitate to pull the trigger, and the nanny packed her things and was gone faster than you could imagine.”

Hollywood Life also reports another incident where Angelina’s jealousy has gotten out of hand.

Apparently, Brad Pitt has been spending a lot of time on set with Marion Cotillard, and Angelina is over it. While nothing has happened between Brad and Marion, an insider states that Angelina is a hot mess since Brad has been boasting about his co-star.

“She’s prone to think that since she was once Brad’s co-star and seduced him away from his wife, the same will happen to her,” an insider claimed to In Touch.

While Brad has shared the screen time with plenty of beautiful women, the source claims that Marion has really gotten under Angelina’s skin.

“She’s exactly the kind of sultry European actress that Angie has always wanted to be and she’s playing exactly the kind of role Angie’s always wanted to play.”

The insider also added one more jealous motive for Angelina.

“Marion has one thing Angelina hasn’t achieved in her acting career: Oscar for Best Actress.”

Because of Angelina’s jealousy and her controlling ways, the insider believes that Brad is fed up with her, and he will be the one to file divorce papers.

Of course, all this comes on the heels of a tabloid report that said Angelina has been flirting with a crew member while directing the Netflix movie First They Killed My Father in Cambodia. To make matters worse, the report also said that the camera man Angelina was flirting with looked a lot like her husband, Brad.

Despite the rumors, Brad and Angelina have looked nothing but happy on the red carpet lately. [Photo by Dimitrios Kambouris/Getty Images]

Movie News Guide states that the “inside source” went as far as to say Angelina disappeared with the camera man only to return with a “big smile on her face.”

However, Gossip Cop was quick to call out the tabloid’s report as being a false rumor, saying that the whole story involving Angelina flirting and cheating on Brad is complete nonsense. It also should be noted that this isn’t the first time the tabloid has falsely reported on the Hollywood couple.

Recently, a certain tabloid claimed the couple was filing for divorce because of Angelina’s sex and drugs diary confessions. Gossip Cop was quick to call that report out as well.

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