Céline Dion Reacted To Ariana Grande’s Impression Of Her In The Oddest Way

Céline Dion just couldn’t control herself when watching Ariana Grande’s faultless impression of her.

Grande opened up about the odd thing Céline told her she did when she saw Ariana pay homage to her with one of her many spot-on impersonations, and it sounds like Dion loved Grande’s hilarious musical impressions so much that she may have needed a change of clothes.

Ariana opened up about Céline’s candid reaction during an appearance on Elvis Duran and The Morning Show on March 15, where she confessed that Dion actually admitted that she “peed” herself after watching Ariana impersonate her.

Grande made the surprising admission when Duran quizzed Ariana on whether her vocal impressions, which include pretty spot-on parodies of stars like Christina Aguilera, Britney Spears, and Shakira, have ever caused any friction between her and any of her fellow pop stars.

“No, no, no!” Grande replied, recalling exactly what Céline Dion told her when they met after Ariana impersonated her through a performance of the 1991 hit “Beauty and the Beast” from the Disney film of the same name during a 2015 appearance on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon.

“When I met Céline, she told me, she was like, ‘When I saw you, I peed!'” Ariana admitted, revealing that there’s never any bad blood after a parody performance because she’s a big fan of every artist she covers.

“I’m just a big fan! I’m a really big fan,” Grande continued, “I think that’s why they don’t get mad because they know that I come from a place of love and I’m just like, ‘You’re f***ing amazing!'”

Grande most recently reprised her impersonation of Céline during her March 13 appearance on Saturday Night Live, where Ariana put her Dion impression to the test once again to perform “It’s All Coming Back to me Now” during a hilarious sketch in which Ariana played an intern for Tidal streaming who had to sing a number of hits after the company suffered a power outage.

Ariana opened up about her much-anticipated appearance on the long-running sketch show in the Elvis Duran radio interview, where she confessed that she “had the most fun” getting to appear on the comedy show.

“I had the most fun in my whole entire life… It was really fun,” Grande confessed of her SNL appearance, “It was one of the most exhausting and overwhelming weeks of my life, but every single moment was so much fun and I had the best time.”

“It was really incredible, the cast was so nice and welcoming and they really made me feel like I was one of their friends, like I belonged it was really nice!” Ariana continued in the interview, revealing that there was actually a lot of content that she and the cast rehearsed that never made it to air.

“There was lots of rehearsals, lots of pre-shoots, there were a lot of sketches that didn’t make it to the actual show actually which were so fun,” Ariana continued, “I hope they release them online because they were so fun.”

Grande previously opened up about her time on Saturday Night Live on social media last week, where she admitted that getting to perform on and host the iconic live sketch show was a “dream come true” for her.

“Last night was an absolute dream come true,” Grande told her more than 37 million Twitter followers on March 14, adding that she was “forever grateful” for the experience.

Watch Ariana Grande impersonate Céline Dion with a performance of “Beauty and the Beast” on The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon below.

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[Photo by Cindy Ord/Getty Images for SiriusXM]