Cheerleader Sarah Jones: I’m Not The Female Sandusky

Sarah Jones used to be known as the captain of the Cincinnati Ben-Gals cheerleading squad. Lately, however, she’s been in the news for allegedly sexually abusing one of her students.

Jones recently spoke out against her critics today saying that the public has unfairly judged her.

Jones said:

“I read on a blog that I was the female [Jerry] Sandusky. To read those things and not be able to comment, not be able to stick up for myself is not fair…People don’t know the real me. There’s blogs and postings out there that I have slept with numerous people. I married my high school sweetheart… I just asked the general public to maybe hold their judgment a little bit longer until the truth comes out.”

ABC reports that the Cheerleader, who was also a teacher at Dixie Heights High School, was accused last November of having sex with a 17-year-old students. Her mother, Cheryl Jones, a middle school principal in the same district, is being accused of tampering with evidence.

Jones resigned from her position but insists that she and her mother are both innocent.

Jones said:


“The hardest thing has been having not only me go through it, but to have my mom go through it with me… It’s almost kind of guilty feeling that she is even involved in this because what has happened to her is not fair. My goal is for her charges to be dismissed.”

Sarah Jones may have had a sexual relationship with a student at her school, but calling her the “female Sandusky” seems like a little bit of a stretch.

What do you think about cheerleader Sarah Jones?

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