‘Subway’ Jared Fogle Object Of Beat Down In Prison Yard [Breaking News]

Jared Fogle, former Subway pitchman, was beaten bloody in a prison yard skirmish allegedly by someone with a real issue with child molesters. Child molesters are considered the lowest of the low in prison, and are often beaten before the guards can intervene.

According to the Inquisitr, Jared Fogle has been packing on the weight due to anxiety in prison, where sugary carbs are easy to come by. Fogle is the target of a number of prisoners looking to make their mark by beating up a child molester, and particularly a high profile child molester. Fogle is at risk of being seriously injured in the minimum security prison.


TMZ has broken the story that Subway former pitchman Jared Fogle was beaten in the prison yard by a 60-year-old prisoner. It is reported that it wasn’t much of a fight, and more like a man hitting Jared Fogle, and Jared Fogle hitting the floor.

The attacker’s name is Steven Nigg, and he jumped Jared Fogle in the prison yard of the Englewood Prison in Colorado back on January 29. Fogle allegedly didn’t even get a punch in. Nigg is in prison for weapons charges. Fogle got a cut lip, bloody nose, and a swollen face. It seems that Nigg got a sore hand from beating up Fogle.


Prison officials say that they have put Nigg in solitary confinement for beating up Jared Fogle. Nigg’s family told TMZ that they are not shocked that Nigg went after Fogle. It seems that Nigg is upset that so many child molesters are in the minimum security prison.


The New York Daily News says that the prison in Litton, Colorado, has a number of child molesters on its roster. Steven Nigg beat up Jared Fogle, the former Subway spokesman, in the prison’s recreation yard.

The Daily News is reporting that Steven Nigg is in the prison for a “crime spree” in Arizona, and won’t be out until 2024, while Jared Fogle will be in prison until at least 2029. Nigg robbed a motel, a gas station, and two convenience stores with an accomplice before getting caught.


There is a suggestion that Jared Fogle is trying to pack on the pounds to appear larger to avoid being such an easy target for those looking to beat up someone with child molestation charges like Jared Fogle. The Boston Globe is reporting that serious weight gain is not unusual in prison.

Serial killer Gary Lee Sampson gained 150 pounds in his eleven years in prison, and rapper Chris Brown put on 35 pounds after three months inside. Experts blame a lack of fresh fruit and vegetables, along with few low fat and low sodium choices.


There is also a commissary, that is like a convenience store, where inmates can buy junk food, which helps them fill up what must be a depressing day. Even prisoners in Guantanamo have, as a larger percentage, gained weight, though the hunger strikers seem to be the ones who make the news. Nutritionists claim that depression, loneliness, and fear are factors that contribute to binge eating behavior.

“In prison, eating, particularly while socializing with other inmates, can also be one of the few pleasurable experiences of daily life.”

Do you think that former Subway spokesman Jared Fogle will continue to get beaten up in prison?

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