Who’s Laughing Now? Donald Trump Sweeps Majority of Mini Super Tuesday States

Those who laughed when Donald Trump announced his intentions to enter the race for the White House are laughing no more. Trump has proven beyond a shadow of a doubt that he is indeed very serious about the condition our country has fallen into, and voters are on his side. This has come as a surprise to many career politicians, but perhaps not so much to United States citizens who are ready for a change — a real change — to make America great again.

Although Donald Trump has led in the polls for most of the race, politicians assured themselves that it was a fluke, claiming that voters would not turn out in the primaries to support Trump where it counts. They were wrong. In yesterday’s mini Super Tuesday primaries, the states of Illinois, Missouri, Florida, Ohio, and North Carolina voted for their favorite candidate.

Donald Trump easily won Illinois, North Carolina, and Florida, which was the state with the largest number of delegates at stake. The Donald won all 99 delegates in that state, leading presidential hopeful Marco Rubio to wave the white flag and step out of the race. Losing Florida was a crushing blow that Rubio could not ignore, and it must have been a huge personal disappointment, as well, as he is currently the junior senator from that state.

Missouri is also currently considered a win for Donald Trump, although the vote was so close between The Donald and Ted Cruz it’s possible Cruz will demand a recount. He has up to seven days after the primary to make that request.

Ohio is the only state Trump did not win. Ohio Governor John Kasich won the majority of the vote in his home state.

According to KRDO, Donald Trump has gained 655 delegates so far, more than half way to the goal of 1,237 delegates needed to take the Republican presidential nomination.

The Business Standard reports The Donald’s victory speech included great optimism about the future. Trump has every intention of winning the required delegate count and moving on to the presidential election, which will likely pit him against democratic front-runner Hillary Clinton. Not surprisingly, Donald Trump plans on beating Hillary (or Bernie Sanders, should that be the case) as well, becoming the next president of the United States.

“We have to bring our party together. We have something happening that makes the Republican party the story over the world. Millions of people are joining the party. We have a great opportunity. Democrats are coming in. Independents are coming in.

“There is great anger among the people. They want to see the country run properly.

“We are going to make the best trade deal that you have ever seen. We need protection in the country. This country is going to start winning again.”

While Donald Trump may seem to be saying exactly what citizens of this country want to hear, Trump has a reputation for making things happen, which fills his words with real promise, rather than the empty words we are accustomed to receiving from a large majority of career politicians.

Donald Trump has seen overwhelming support from voters, showing that, as a country, we are ready to win again, ready to become the super power we once were, ready to brings jobs back to Americans, ready to see our economy rise.

Donald Trump can bring that change. Do you believe that? Share your opinions of Donald Trump with us.

[Photo by Alex Brandon/AP]