Blake Shelton Admits He Likes Gwen ‘A Lot,’ While Gwen Stefani Says Her Divorce Details Are ‘Really Juicy’

It’s no secret that Blake Shelton has a lot of feelings for Gwen Stefani. While many fans wonder what’s next for the couple, Shelton couldn’t help but comment on his new romance during a video promoting the 2016 Kids’ Choice Awards.

According to the Daily Mail, Shelton hosted the award ceremony for Nickelodeon in Los Angeles over the weekend. The video featured Shelton walking through a hallway lined with posters previous artists had signed while performing at the Forum in L.A.

It didn’t take longer before Shelton came across a poster of Stefani’s band No Doubt. Naturally, Shelton couldn’t help but mention his affection for one band member in particular.

“Look here. There’s No Doubt!” Shelton said. “I like those – those guys a lot! One of them, a lot.”

Shelton also mentioned other bands that were represented by the posters. He then took a jab at another one of his Voice co-stars, Adam Levine, during the video, before wrapping it up with a little fun of his own.

“I was just walking around looking and there’s some really cool bands. Fleetwood Mac; I don’t really count Maroon 5,” he stated. “But there’s some other cool ones in here.”

Shelton then proceeded to sign a clean canvass with his own signature before ending the clip. The country crooner signed it “Dr. Blake Shelton was here!”

Blake Shelton gets slimed onstage during Nickelodeon's 2016 Kids' Choice Awards.

For her part, Stefani took notice of the sweet words Shelton shared about her. According to People, one fan posted a clip of Shelton’s video on Twitter, which Stefani was quick to retweet.

“Hey @gwenstefani check it out, I think he likes you!” the fan wrote.

Stefani and Shelton have been together for right around five months now, and their relationship is just as solid as it’s ever been. As fans are well aware, both Shelton and Stefani went through their own divorces this past summer, which makes their romance particularly surprising.

Shelton was married to Miranda Lambert before deciding to split this past summer. The couple did not have any children together. For her part, Stefani broke up with her longtime husband, Gavin Rossdale, with whom she had three children together.

Blake and Gwen first got close on the set of 'The Voice.' [Image via Instagram]

Although Stefani has remained relatively quiet about her divorce with Rossdale, the singer opened up about the split during a recent interview with the New York Times. While she spared fans the details of her decision to end her marriage, Stefani revealed that “it’s a really good, juicy story.”

According to the New York Daily News, the real reason for the divorce was because Stefani caught Rossdale cheating on her with their children’s nanny, Mindy Mann. Apparently, Stefani discovered some racy images of Mann on their iPad, which proved to be the final straw.

In recalling her state of emotions during the divorce, Stefani revealed that it was a very difficult time in her life. So much so, in fact, that she felt as though she was going to die.

“I’m gonna die,” she remembered thinking. “I am dead, actually. How do I save myself? What am I going to do? How do I not go down like this?”

Gwen Stefani recalls how she felt when she learned that Gavin Rossdale had cheated on her.

Fortunately, Stefani was able to make it through her hardships, largely in part to her music and a new romance with Shelton. While Stefani’s newest album, titled This Is What the Truth Feels Like, is getting ready to debut, she went on to add that she still has days when she struggles with everything that has happened.

“I’m not going to say I’m not still picking up the pieces and every day isn’t a challenge,” she shared. “I’m still in shock. But it’s an awesome time.”

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