Chinese Toddler Run Over By Minivan: Miraculously Survives And Walks Away [VIDEO]

Chilling footage has emerged of the moment a Chinese toddler was run over by a minivan — and miraculously survived. The CCTV footage shows the tiny toddler run into the pathway of the van, which strikes him and forces him to the ground. The toddler is then run over by the minivan’s front and back wheels. Miraculously, the toddler then stood up and walked away after apparently despite having been run over by the van only seconds earlier.

The Chinese toddler being run over by the minivan happens startlingly quickly - the toddler runs out, the van knocks him down and he is run over by both front and back wheels. (Images - YouTube)

Shanghaiist reports that the toddler’s terrifying dalliance with death took place in the Chinese neighborhood of Nanjing, capital city of the east-Chinese Jiangsu province, on March 9 and was recorded by CCTV.

Perhaps even more miraculous, the Chinese toddler –whose entire torso, right arm, and right leg were run over by the minivan’s front right and left right wheels — stood up and walked away without sustaining any serious injuries. The toddler’s survival is one thing, but the van driver’s conduct and behavior after they had run over him is another. Seven News reported allegations that the van’s driver did not stop after the toddler was run over on the video footage.

“[The] driver has been detained by police as authorities investigate what happened,” reports Seven News.“It is alleged he didn’t stop after the incident took place.”

China’s track record in the past decade is dotted with tragic and distressing incidents in which toddlers and children were run over or hit by passing vehicles. The Inquisitr reported in December that two toddlers had been run over by a car directly in front of their kindergarten. One Chinese toddler survived a fall from a moving minivan earlier this month, an incident captured on another car’s dashcam. Last July, another Chinese toddler was run over by a car in Fuijan and survived, also managing to crawl away from the scene.

Shanghaiist reminds the public of one more recent — and particularly appalling — hit-and-run incident in October of 2010 involving a young girl named Yue Yue.

“Little Yue Yue… was run over twice and left clinging to life in a Foshan alley, overlooked by at least 18 passers-by. Finally, a female trash collector saw her and called for help. She was sent to the hospital where she died eight days later,” reported Shanghaiist.

The footage, which concludes only moments after the toddler who was run over by a minivan stood up and walked away, does not confirm whether or not persons nearby stopped to check on the young boy’s wellbeing.

Chinese police are currently investigating the events surrounding the toddler being run over by the minivan and calling for witnesses to confirm the allegations against the driver. (Images - YouTube)

In 2012, Cardiff was rocked by a series of hit-and-runs that left a 32-year-old woman dead and 13 seriously injured— five of them children.

The Chinese toddler who was run over by a van and miraculously survived is without doubt one of the luckiest run-over victims in the world. Local news agencies report that the toddler was taken to hospital for treatment of minor head injuries, but the child remains otherwise completely unscathed.

[Image by Tony Webster/Wikimedia Commons]