Mitt Romney Facebook Photo Leads To Cheating Allegations, Domestic Abuse

It’s dangerous to be a Mitt Romney supporter… Or maybe, it’s dangerous to date someone who can’t identify the GOP candidate. A man in Tennessee was arrested after he attacked his girlfriend for having an affair with Mitt Romney.

Of course, the woman wasn’t having an affair with Mitt. She was just a supporter of the GOP candidate and had a photo of Romney on her Facebook page. Lowell Turpin. 40, saw the photo and according to the Anderson County Sheriff’s Department, “angrily demanded to know who the male was.”

The woman told Turpin that the man in the photo was Mitt Romney and that someday soon he could be the President of the United States. But Turpin didn’t believe the woman’s incredible story.

Knox News reports that Turpin accused the woman of “attempting to communicate with” Mitt through her Facebook page, destroyed her computer, and repeatedly hit her.

The woman told deputies that Turpin has a history of abuse and has “been violent toward her multiple times over several years.”

Turpin was brought to the Anderson County Jail and charged with domestic abuse.