Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris On Romantic Vacation - Couple Shares Sexy PDA Pics

Taylor Swift is rolling into 2016 on a pretty big high, especially with her EDM DJ boyfriend Calvin Harris. According to PEOPLE, Swift and Harris celebrated their one-year anniversary while on vacation together. The couple decided to share just a taste of their romantic experience on their Instagram accounts.

Taylor Swift, 26, and Calvin Harris, 32, are clearly happily in-love, and their passion was on full display as they took playful pictures on a beautiful, tropical (most likely private) beach. Harris was happy to take pictures of his girlfriend, catching her in striking poses, modeling two different swimsuits, one which was yellow and black, and one which was black.

Taylor also playfully drew their initials in the sand - 'TS + AW.' Swift was using Calvin's given name, which is Adam Wiles.

The Scottish DJ was also having fun filming his boo Taylor as she bounced around on a water trampoline before diving right into the ocean. T-Swift took the clip and uploaded it to her Instagram, with the caption, "That time when we finally took a vacation."
The happiness is nothing new, even last year the cute couple was enjoying their time together.

"It's going absolutely fantastic," Calvin Harris said of his relationship with Taylor Swift in 2015. Though of course the paparazzi and general media frenzy surrounding the relationship is tough, he said "it could be a lot worse and I'd still be, like, insanely happy with her so I'm good with it."

"It's not even a case of ticking all the boxes," Harris continued. "It's like, there's boxes I didn't know existed which she ticks. It's really ridiculous. But yeah she does an incredible BBQ. And she's genuinely an incredible cook, and human being."

"That was the way that I decided to go on with my life," Taylor Swift said in an interview with Vanity Fair, commenting on her decision to stay single until she met someone would never try to change her. "Not looking for anything, not necessarily being open to anything, and only being open to the idea that, if I found someone who would never try to change me, that would be the only person I could fall in love with. Because, you know, I was in love with my life."

Taylor Swift's latest album, 1989, has sold 8.6 million copies as of February, 2016, and it was the best-selling album of 2014 in the United States. Earlier this year in February, 1989 won the Grammy Award for Album of the Year, which made Taylor the first and only female credited main artist thus far to win the biggest award at the Grammy ceremony -- two times -- with her own music. So, all in all, this is looking to be a pretty sweet 2016 for Taylor Swift.

Taylor Swift, Calvin Harris On Romantic Vacation For One-Year Anniversary - Couple Shares Sexy PDA Pics
Taylor Swift with her three Grammy's. [Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]Before Calvin Harris, Taylor was once in a relationship with musician and singer Joe Jonas, which lasted from July to October in 2008. Following that, Swift dated Twilight actor Taylor Lautner from October to December in 2009. Taylor dated another musician/singer, John Mayer, for just a few months. Swift then began dating actor Jake Gyllenhaal months later, in a relationship that lasted from October to December of 2010. After the two parted ways, Swift began a romantic relationship with political heir Conor Kennedy -- that lasted from July to September of 2012. And Taylor dated singer Harry Styles for a few months in late 2012.

After this, Taylor Swift took a break from the dating scene, along with all of the additional media attention that followed. The singer spent a couple of years being single, and then finally started dating Calvin Harris in March of 2015. Just three months later, Harris and Swift were declared the highest-paid celebrity couple over the past year by Forbes. Their combined earnings were over $146 million.

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