Yolanda Foster Wishes Lisa Vanderpump Would Treat Humans As Well As Dogs, Admits 'Mixed Emotions' About Watching David Foster

Is Lisa Vanderpump actually crazy about dogs but not about her co-stars who are suffering? In her blog post recapping the latest episode of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, Yolanda Foster wondered why Lisa, whose tagline for season 6 is "I'm crazy about dogs, just not about b**ches," can't show her the same "emotional depth" that she shows for dogs. Yolanda even questioned whether Lisa and the co-stars who joined her on her protest against the Chinese Yulin Dog Meat Festival did the march only because it brings them "significant attention."

Kyle Richards, Kathryn Edwards, and Lisa Rinna joined Lisa V. on her march.

"It is interesting to see some of these adult women make such calculating moves without any respect or empathy for other human beings suffering, yet they spend the day marching for Yulin. Is it because that moment brings them significant attention? Don't get me wrong--this is such an important cause and had it been a good day, I would have been there to support it for sure. I was touched seeing LVP's emotion while talking about the poor dogs, and I do wish she would sometimes access this same emotional depth and apply it to us, her human friends."
Lisa seemingly responded to Yolanda's blog by tweeting that people should pursue their causes without minimizing the plight of others.
Tuesday night's episode also showed the first signs of Yolanda's marriage to David Foster not going well. Yolanda, joined by David and several other of the housewives, went to New York City to speak at the Global Lyme Alliance. At their hotel, David and Yolanda gave a toast in front of their friends. David expressed happiness that Yolanda was finally out and about instead of lying in bed in her robe. David said that they were making "big lemonade" out of lemons and predicted that they were going to have a very intimate night together. Yolanda thanked David for sticking by her.
"I'm so happy that my wife is out. After 10 months of that robe. And we are gonna burn that robe. We're going to have a burning-robe ceremony."
Yet after that toast, David, speaking to a friend who wasn't shown, revealed that all was not well with him and Yolanda while seemingly unaware that he was still being filmed. After the friend asked him how he's doing, David said, "it's been a stretch." David's friend expressed his wish that David's life with Yolanda would go back to how it was when they first got together.
"I want your life to go back to the way it was when you first got together."
David didn't seem to have much hope for that.
"How's that going to happen?"
David's friend reassured him.
"It's gonna happen."
David remained unconvinced.
"I don't know."
Making the scene even more awkward, David Foster said those things with Kyle Richards sitting at the end of the same couch. Erika Girardi and Kathryn Edwards then sat down on the same couch while David's conversation with his friend continued.In her confessional interview, Yolanda Foster admitted that things were getting difficult for her and David.
"I got sick — I am the shell of the woman I used to be. So yes, he gets impatient. We've been trying to work through all the ups and downs."
In her blog, Yolanda admitted that she watched the episode with "mixed emotions." As she has done since she and David Foster announced that they were divorcing in December 2015, Yolanda focused on the love she had with David rather than provide any negative criticism.
"And yes, there were mixed emotions while watching tonight's episode. A divorce, regardless of how it happens, is still the closing of the chapter, a separation from your life partner. We can't help but feel the loss and wonder when and how things went wrong. Long-term illness brings challenging hurdles to a home, a family and a marriage. It affects many lives, but I have to believe we've all done the best we can. Rather then getting stuck on what went wrong, I choose to focus on what was right and cherish the many great memories we shared."
At least Yolanda had some good company when watching the episode. As the episode aired, Erika Girardi revealed that she was actually with Yolanda in her home.
As previously reported by the Inquisitr, after the cast finished filming The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills season 6 reunion show, Yolanda thanked Erika for her support.

During her Watch What Happens Live appearance on Monday night, Lisa Vanderpump, when asked about her current relationship with Yolanda Foster, said that she doesn't want to fight with Yolanda because of the tough time that Yolanda has been through and continues to go through, in reference to her Lyme disease and divorce. Perhaps Lisa now feels as if Yolanda, by questioning her dedication to animal rights, has gone too far, even with the year she had.

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