Niall Horan’s Dad’s Expose: Says He Is Harry Styles’ Dad’s Best Friend

For fans looking for the real deal with insider information on Harry Styles or Niall Horan, look no further than Niall Horan’s father.

In a surprising “expose,” Niall Horan’s dad, Bobby Horan, claims he is “best friends” with Harry Styles’ father, Desmond Styles. J-14 reports on March 14 that everyone in the father-son group is in constant communication with each other, and multiple texts or personal calls per week between all four of them are not uncommon. Bobby Horan even said that Harry Styles recently texted him “to see how he is doing.”

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Fans would likely enjoy an extended interview with Bobby Horan and Desmond Styles about the secrets of One Direction, and the list of questions that fans might have goes beyond insight into the mysterious “Larry Stylinson” rumors. As far as the current roster of Harry Styles and Niall Horan rumors that need clarification from a direct source like Desmond Styles or Bobby Horan, there are many.

One mystery that has been on the shelf for a while is the claim made by MTV that Harry Styles has 20 songs already recorded as of September 2015. No new evidence has emerged on the 20-song Harry Styles solo album six months later, but Simon Cowell claims that every member of One Direction will be revealing solo plans soon, according to E! Online.

Harry Styles, Niall Horan might be like cousins because their dads are close

Other rumors fans might like to have details about concern Harry Styles’ alleged acting career. In addition to the promising nature of him taking on a role in Dunkirk, the other acting rumor about Harry Styles pertains to Scream Queens.

According to Dread Central, Scream Queens organizers revealed in a panel at the PaleyFest LA on March 12 that, while Harry Styles’ name has been teased several times in connection with the show’s next season there are “No actors announced yet.”

As far as Niall Horan’s future plans, fans might be wondering if he will be doing more than traveling to Asia or being honored for peeing on Hollywood with his own plaque, according to Lifestyle.

However, what fans might not need to ask insiders like Desmond Styles or Bobby Horan regards Niall Horan and his current romance status with Ellie Goulding — despite the fact she recently gave their brief romance nothing but gold stars, according to Cosmopolitan.

On the other hand, what could help fans regularly using the hashtag #NiallsNotes are insights from One Direction dads into Niall Horan’s possible future travel itineraries.

If Instagram is a window into Niall Horan’s soul, it appears that he could be missing traveling. Around the time he posted a video of himself on Instagram teeing off at an unknown golf course, Niall Horan also put up pictures on social media that show him enjoying the weather … possibly in Asia, according to the Irish Independent.

Other things that Harry Styles’ or Niall Horan’s dads could clear up for fans is the drama they have with Louis Tomlinson. UnReality TV claims on March 15 that Harry Styles is being ignored by Louis Tomlinson on social media.

It is alleged that Louis is not following Harry Styles on Instagram, but when Niall Horan posts something, Louis Tomlinson is quick to make a positive comment.

Harry Styles and Niall Horan rumors could be revealed by Bobby Horan or Desmond Styles

Although it is unclear if Bobby Horan or Desmond Styles will ever start working as full-time rumor fact-checking sources for fans, it could certainly be a useful role.

For example, as previously reported by The Inquisitr, Harry Styles was recently accused of banning pork from his diet, cutting his hair, and possibly converting to Judaism.

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