NASCAR’s Jeff Gordon Comes Out As Gay, But He Really Didn’t – Internet Hoax Making The Rounds Again

NASCAR legend Jeff Gordon has been in the news for numerous reasons over the years, and some of it has been good and some has been bad, and some has been questionable. He has won races, lost by a lot, wrecked his car, and even been accused of cheating. Now, there is word going around that Jeff Gordon is gay and he’s been using his wife and baby as a cover-up. Well, don’t believe everything you read online because it’s just another Internet hoax.

Yes, this is a rumor/hoax that has made the rounds before, but it is happening again and in a bit of a different fashion.

An article is making the social media rounds and it flat-out states that “Jeff Gordon comes out as a homosexual” in the title. It goes on to detail that the NASCAR driver’s family has been a cover-up, and that the report has been confirmed.

“Jeff Gordon announced today that he has been a closet homosexual and his wife and baby have been a coverup NASCAR fan are in a big outrage over this announcement… This event was uncovered undoubtly at the worst timing possible admid the world watching. We have exclusive CONFIRMED report and are confident to release this news ot the public. The last question was asked for the first time, half in jest, on May 21, 2014, at a time when humanity first stepped into the light.”

After this opener, which many people don’t read past, it says how the new information came into light. Then, the article goes into a random story about absolutely nothing at all. Sometimes though, the site doesn’t allow you to read that far because after about five seconds into the article, this pops up.

NASCAR Jeff Gordon gay homosexual internet hoax punked

Rewind back to two years ago, and there was a rather similar story that started being passed around about Jeff Gordon. That first rumor from 2014 is even referenced in the new hoax article.

Back in 2014, Mediate reported that the article going around about Jeff Gordon being gay and having a relationship with fellow driver Stephen Rhodes was not true. The article detailing the erroneous story was from a satire site, but many failed to realize or notice that.

NASCAR Jeff Gordon gay homosexual internet hoax

Snopes even jumped in on things to let it be known that this was nothing more than an article with fake news information. NASCAR drivers Jeff Gordon and Stephen Rhodes are not gay and were not having a homosexual relationship.

Once again, there are those trying to get hits on articles that have no truth or reality to them whatsoever, and writing about untrue things. Sadly, it’s working as people love sharing on social media before actually reading an article all the way through or even opening it at all.

Some of the other stories that PunkShare has tried to pass around as true has to do with Dunkin Donuts closing all stores, Walmart stores closing on Sundays, and the New England Patriots fined for cheating in the season opener that hasn’t happened yet.

If you can make it past the first paragraph in each article before the “punked” picture appears, the same nonsensical story is posted. They obviously and blatantly state in their “Terms of Use” page that they allow virtually everyone and anyone to share their thoughts and ideas.

Obviously, someone thought it necessary to bring the “Jeff Gordon is gay” hoax back to the front of the Internet spotlight.

NASCAR Jeff Gordon gay homosexual internet hoax

Social media is an absolute breeding ground for an Internet hoax to spread and grow larger with each passing moment. It’s happened with celebrity death hoaxes for Willie Nelson and James Earl Jones. It has happened with Jonah Hill in Mrs. Doubtfire 2 and Mark Zuckerberg giving away millions of dollars for sharing a status.

The Internet is going to continue being fooled by a fake story here and a hoax there for as long as it exists. So many people fail to read things entirely or even look to see if there is any truth to it, and that is why yet another fake story about Jeff Gordon being gay is making the rounds again.

[Image by Chris Graythen/Getty Images]